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12 Nov 2003 - Tragedie-lyrique

Several new developments in my life, not that any of them have any pertenance to my contributions to RPGamer:

My love life has picked up a lot. My best friend's dad passed away earlier today. I discovered the joy and frugality of checking CDs out of the school library and ripping them onto my computer.

I'm not in a particularly good enough mood to do what I was planning on doing for this update, so hopefully things will be well enough for me to actually do it. I can summarize what I want to say, though.

I'm concerned that our readership (specifically those who wish to contribute to the Sound Test) are apprehensive about sending in music, or perhaps more likely, making music to send. A simple suggestion: start small. Work with MIDI or, for the slightly more ambitious novice, digital trackers and whatnot. Next time, I'll be a little more elaborate on stuff like that.

If no one caught the message I left on the boards about losing email between 10:00 EST Sunday and 10:00 EST Monday, I lost email between 10:00 EST Sunday and 10:00 EST Monday. If you sent me something that I didn't upload, resend it. Pretty please.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Seven Heroes Battle (Romancing SaGa 2)
Matt Bryant

I was a little reluctant to do another battle theme, but I really love the original piece, so here it is. :P There's a strong guitar drive in the song, backed and carried along with a loud orchestra, mostly frantic strings. Not too much to add about it, other than enjoy!

The Dragon Spreads Its Wings (Final Fantasy V)
Matt Bryant

The mix starts off with a simple piano lead, but I added a heavy echo to it to make it sound a little surreal. When the rest of the mix kicks in, it's wind-led with strings backing, most noticeable is the harp. A simple percussion carries it through, and it ends with a piano and pseudo vocal. It's a fairly short piece, so there's not much to add.

Dark World (Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)
Tom Plets

This is a mostly string and brass remix with a soft drum in the background. Hope to do more songs from Zelda in the future.

Magicite Lab (Devil's Lab Remix) (Final Fantasy VI)
Ersatz Sobriquet

My very first offical song! I started this remix after listening through the whole FF VI OST and loving this one the most. I thought that no one remixed this until I did some digging around and realized MANY people have remixed this, including a recent submission here on this site. All the remixes follow very, very closely to the original, with some instument changes, though mine is a bit more experimental, I guess.

This is Techno/Trance influenced, as will most of my works will probably be, and is oddly upbeat. I wasn't able to do the final mastering that I wanted to do with this song due to, well, not having the program around, but hopefully future endeavors will have higher quality. I hope you all enjoy this and comments of all sorts are accepted.

A Deus Ex Harpa (Grandia 2)
DarkeSword - website

This is a pretty pensive, mellow-chill remix of 'A Deus.' I translated the song over to 4/4 time on an oboe, and dropped a continuo harp line and analog bassline underneath to give the song a pulse. A flute in the B-section added some texture, and I rounded the whole thing out with some filtered out industrial percussion. Not what you'd expect from an 'A Deus' mix , but I think it came out nicely.

Ahead on Our Way (Final Fantasy VII)
Jeffrey Osmon

Mostly just an attempt at recreation of the song.

Cry Out in Sorrow (Final Fantasy IV)
Jeffrey Osmon

The short, somewhat depressing version with just a piano.

Terra's Theme (Final Fantasy VI)
Jeffrey Osmon

Terra's theme, going through several different levels of intensity. Not much more than a different rendition.

Loss of Me (Rose of May) (Final Fantasy IX)
Jeffrey Osmon

Piano only, stays mostly true to the original song.

Loss of Me (Reprise) (Final Fantasy IX)
Jeffrey Osmon

Version that I've tinkered with a bit, deeper piano notes and more instruments.

Lost...Broken Shards (Xenogears)
Jeffrey Osmon

Slightly different instrumentation, and a few different things added to the song from the original version.

Schala's Theme (Chrono Trigger)
Jeffrey Osmon

Schala's theme... mostly similar to the original version.

Schala's Theme (Piano Concept) (Chrono Trigger)
Jeffrey Osmon

All the instrument tracks have been changed to piano. I thought it sounded kind of nifty.


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