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05 Nov 2003 - Pärt for you

I'm not sick anymore, which means we're back on the normal Wednesday schedule this week. I gave up and made my own signature image a few days ago. It's lame, and I know it, so shut up.

Even though I was presented with a remix from a game I least expected, it's a sparse update again this week, and I'm trying to figure out why. Perhaps you all are just so busy with school work (or work work) that you don't have the time to write a one-minute MIDI file or something short like that. Perhaps you all don't have the ability to use a MIDI composing program, or the technical know-how for actually writing music.

It's okay, I forgive you. Just keep sending me music! It's what keeps me breathing, and when I don't get anything in my inbox (see following paragraph), I get scared. I start hyperventilating, getting sudden, really strong know, I really should stop being so sarcastic.

Something weird has been happening to my email lately. I've gotten almost no spam this week, as compared to the 400 per week average I had been getting on my RPGamer account. That's what really scares me; it almost seems like the server is dropping emails, which I suppose is a good thing when 99% of what's in my inbox is spam, and that percentage is somewhat an understatement.

So this is it for this week. I'm putting up another one of my pieces, since I just finished making it all presentable and stuff.

Oh by the way, iTunes is reasonably worth an attempt. It's kinda difficult for a Winamp-er to get used to, but ultimately, I think I enjoy it.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Starting Up/Dead End Remix (Final Fantasy VIII)
Matt Bryant

This is probably the most guitar-heavy piece I've ever done. 3 Distortion Rythmic guitars lead, with 2 Overdrive backing. Several strungs accompany it all as well as a brass instrument or two, but the guitars stay in the foreground for most of it. I wanted to do a remix of both songs, but found both of them too short to do a full-length arrangement of. So I combined them, and I figure it works as both songs appear at nearly the same point in the game. Very action-heavy track, and one I hope you'll all enjoy.

Pirate Theme (RPG Maker 2000)
Tom Plets

This is a "Stock" song that comes with the RPG maker. I liked the Israeli sound to it!

Devil's Lab (Trash Can Mix) (Final Fantasy VI)
Alyksandur Lashtail

My first real effort at doing anything. It was tracked, but trying to export it to .XM or .IT came out rather badly, so I had to MP3-ify the thing. The "instruments" on this were random files taken off my computer and imported as raw sound data, then tinkered with until they sounded sorta half-way decent and work-with-able. Hence the "Trash Can Mix" in the name.

The Mysterious Woods (Final Fantasy VI)
Russell Cox

This is a slight departure from my normal style. I went for setting a mood and trying to achieve an ambient feel over doing an all-out orchestration. Imagine yourself in the forest, and the errie feel that it gives off. The walk through the forest gives off the hint of something not right, even though it seems harmless enough. Finally, after the trek you come to the Train itself, where the feeling of unease just gets worse.

It's treble heavy, but that's what it's meant to be. The haunting but gorgeous melody in far-off sounds represent the false calm that the forest presents, but the spectral orchestra and looming bass in the background negate the feeling of peacefulness. At least, that's the intention...

Memories of the Last War - Mvt I Introduzione: Moderato (Lufia series)
Patrick Waters

In its entirety, this work is potentially my magnum opus of video game arrangements. The first movement of five, the Introduzione is a reconstruction of The Memory of Last War from the first of the Lufia series. A relatively large ensemble; standard paired woodwinds, piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, standard brass choir, strings, piano, two harps, organ, and a percussion battery. I'm thinking of expanding the brass, but perhaps not. Feedback is welcome and encouraged, since this is its first public beta release; the next time this will be available is as a final product--all twenty-eight minutes of it.


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