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22 Oct 2003 - Mozart Quinten

This week's update is a reference to acceptable parallel fifth motion involved in the resolution of a German augmented sixth chord. Its title is derived from Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart (appropriately referred to as 'Wolfgang Amadeus') and his frequent use of said resolution.

Sorry, I have a history exam next week. I'm a little overwhelmed.

Some good music this week, including a resubmission because of (eep!) faulty uploading practice. For next week (unrelated to the upcoming festive day), I'm planning on changing the format ever so slightly, but not so much as to disorient myself every time I look at the page. I'm easily confused, you see. And when I get confused, everyone gets confused.

Keep those Halloween remixes coming. So far I've gotten...none. But that's okay, I only decided on having a spooky update a week ago, which I concede is hardly ample time to work on stuff. I won't be so spontaneous until the next time I decide on having a thematic update.

Having been so busy with other things, the archives will be finished next week. I'm even passing up a concert of Wagner, Franck, and Debussy tonight, even though I went to an all-Beethoven concert last night. Oh, La Mer...I shall hear your Impressionistic playing of waves again some day...

Patrick 'Trick' Waters
Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Hippolyta Hill (Zwei!!)
Alexander Choeng

Another piano piece arranged by me. Although I've never played any games from falcom, I've really enjoyed their music. This one is from Zwei!!

Shower of Blossoms (Star Ocean: The Second Story)
Matt Bryant

This sounds a bit more "laid back" than the original piece. There's a piano and harp lead, with softer strings than the original song. There are almost no brass instruments, sans one that pops up later in the track. There are also wind instruments along with the strings, and in the end I think it all gives the remix a very serene and calmer sound than the original track. At any rate, hope you all enjoy it.

Delicate Affection (Seiken Densetsu 3)
Matt Bryant

A relatively simple arrangement, instrument-wise. The entire remix only consists of a piccolo lead, with a harp, slow strings, and piano as the bass. It has a rather simple orchestra sound, though on that varies quite largely from the sound of the original piece. Though quite different from the original (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I hope), I hope you'll enjoy the remix.

Boss Battle (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue)
Matt Bryant

I really tried to do something different with this. Rather than just a generic orchestral remix, I purposely went in the opposite direction. Strong brass and techno-heavy beats drive the song, but I think the addition of strings and guitars keep the arrangement grounded enough to prevent it from being labeled a full-out "techno" remix. I also used digital effects quite liberally; the opening and water-bypass mark at 45 seconds or so are good examples of that. Anyway, I'm pleased with how well the digital effects meshed and transitioned, and think the whole thing turned out better than I had expected. So it's a bit unconventional, but hopefully nice on the ears. :)

Eternal Wind Crystal Blend (Final Fantasy III)
Austin Shau aka MrCHUP0N - websites one two

I've always thought that the familiar Final Fantasy crystal theme / prelude would fit in great as a harmony to Final Fantasy III's Eternal Wind, the world map music. So I decided to try it out, with the instruments I've always wanted to hear it with. I used the oboe to start it off delicately, then shifted to the French horn because I liked the regal sound it gave me. I also tried to sneak in the second part of the Crystal theme (the melody, not the arpeggio part) in the second half of the piece... not sure if I made it loud enough? ^_^

Battle Theme (Final Fantasy XI)
Tom Plets

This is the first time I have remixed a song from FFXI. Looking forward to the game coming out next week!

The Magic House (Final Fantasy VI)
Tom Plets

This is a VERY strange remix! I took one channel out of a midi making the once background a foreground. Also adding Umaros theme just seemed to work!

Wedding Waltz (Final Fantasy VI)

-Resubmission!-This song is the song that plays when you're at the Opera, and the characters are dancing in a waltz (before Ultros shows himself). It is a nice, triple-metered, song that is enjoyable to listen to when you're working on a project or something.

Most Wanted
  • Spooky remixes. BOO.


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