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15 Oct 2003 - Developing Ideas

Yay, you love me! I got a lot of submissions this week (at least in comparison to the last), and I was hoping to get this update finished in a hour so I could get my sorry self to a concert featuring Sibelius (*wretches*) and Bruckner (at least it's not Sibelius), but I didn't. This just goes to show that once I get my music sampling tools functional, I do nothing but play with them.

This weekend, I'll be revamping the update archive so that everything will be on one page instead of all over the place. Fortunately (or unfortunately), my replacement at my soon-to-be former place of employment got confused and took my shift last weekend, so my last day of working for food and such other necessities will be Saturday, but I have plenty of down time then. Since it's my last day, I'll be 'stocking up' on my office supplies while 'working,' as well as updating the archives for RPGamer.

The signature deal still stands: I need one, and because GigaStudio is operating again for me, I've updated parts of the Lufia symphonic work over which I've been laboriously toiling since March, so I at least have something presentable to make it worth someone's while to make me one. If I don't get a signature image by next week, I promise I'll stop whining about it.

I have my sights set on doing a spooky update for Halloween week coming up soon. Send me spooky music with the word Halloween in the subject, and I'll know to save it for the update in two weeks. Suggestions for making your music spooky: include sudden, unexpected but infrequent changes in dynamics, use lots of synth pads and strings in harmonics (if you have the capacity to do so), and be in a spooky mindset while you're working. Send me more than seven in two weeks and it will be an exclusive spooky music update. Otherwise, no spook for you.

Remember the archives...

Patrick 'Trick' Waters
Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Royal Chapel (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
Matt Bryant

Since it's almost Halloween time, I thought something a little darker might be fitting. :) It starts out with a very organ-heavy sound, but just seconds later the main chorus kicks in which is a very soft piano accomponied by some strings as well as a psuedo-vocal hum. I aimed to make this sound dark and rather gothic; hence the church bell that pops up in the track. At any rate, it's a rather slow and down-beat remix. Enjoy!

Lost Paintings (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
Matt Bryant

Another Castlevania piece, though much different than the other. In this, there is not an organ to be found and heavy strings drive the bass, while a chiffer, piano, and crystal lead. It's a rather simple orchestra rendition, but one I hope you'll enjoy.

Theme of Love (Final Fantasy IV)
Matt Bryant

A fairly simple piece, though rather soft and serene sounding. The lead consists of a music box and warm pad, with strings eventually coming in and with a basic orchestra sound throughout. I'm personally very pleased with how it came out, myself, so I hope you all enjoy it. :)

Opening Theme (Lunar: The Silver Star Story)
Matt Bryant

This was one of those rare circumstances when you work on something and then everything miraculously falls into place. This didn't take very long to put together because I was pretty happy with how it sounded and it didn't require a huge amount of tweaks and changes. It took me a while to decide what instrument to use in the beginning (I decided on a Yang Qin) though. As for the rest of the mix, it's mildly alike to the original piece, but I built on it a lot. It's still very string-instrument heavy, but I also threw a load of wind and flute instruments in that serve as the lead (piccolos and recorders take over where the vocals should be). Not much else as it's really quite short, but I would definitely chalk it up as a personal best. Hope you agree. :)

Toward the Horizon (Lunar: The Silver Star Story)
Matt Bryant

The mix starts off with a very strong Oboe solo, with a very soft warm pad and strings coming in as the song continues, with drums and full instrumentation coming in a bit later. Instrument-wise, it's almost a mirror image of the original in that it sounds very similar, but I've arranged it in a way that I hope gives it it's own unique sound. I'm very proud of the result, if I do say so myself. :)

Cursed Oasis (Sorcerian)
Alexander Choeng

I've arranged a total of ten songs from Falcom. This original song is called "Cursed Oasis". It's from a game called Sorcerian. I hope you guys like it.

Angel's Funky Fear (Secret of Mana)

Hewwo, here's my first submission. I sat down with my trusty MTV Music Generator 2 to make a kewl SoM remix, and this is what came out. I think it turned out alright, lemme know what you think!

Bonds of Sea & Fire (Xenogears)

This is one of my favourite tunes from Xenogears, and I've always wanted to track it, but could never find samples good enough to do it justice. Fortunately, Neill Corlett and Amber Ritchie supplied me with samples directly from Xenogears some time ago, and I was finally able to locate the exact ones that I needed (in addition to tuning and looping them all, which is usually quite aggravating). Apart from some small changes, I'd say this is about 99% identical to the original.

Blue Skies Over Guardia (Chrono Trigger)
DarkeSword - website

I've always wanted to arrange this piece in 7/8 time; the original has such a great folk quality that, for me, hearkens over to some more latin folk ideas that work in less commonplace meters. Translating the melody from 6/8 to 7/8 was surprisingly easy, and I think it works well here. I tried to bring a more epic sound to the piece by using strings, horns, and bells, and at the same time keep the folk quality with some quick, syncopated percussion filled with claps and congas.

Battle Theme (Treasure Hunter G)
Tom Plets

This remix sounds quite a bit like the original although I did replace the timpani with a synthetic bass.

Ernst (Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim)
Justus Johnston

The song that plays while you fight Ernst inside the Ark. I'm fairly confident in my recreation efforts, with the notable exception of the very beginning, which in the original is the sound of multiple glissing violins (quite creepy). The closest thing I could think to do in GM was use the "birds" patch...on SOME MIDI instruments, it sounds cool.

Opening (Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim)
Justus Johnston

The song that plays during the game's opening sequence...naturally! Oh GOD, this song rocks. I knew the moment I first heard it that I HAD to sequence it to share with the Japanese deficient. I'm particularly proud of the 8-second segment that starts at 0:56, I just LOVE using GM in ways it was never meant to be used. And by the way, yes, it really DOES pan like that in the original.

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  • Spooky remixes. BOO.


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