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08 Oct 2003 - Gimme a Cue!

I'm going to say it one more time: Files sent to me should be original arrangements, not music from commercially released recordings nor music that isn't your own, unless you are sending it on behalf of someone else. Don't send me stuff like 'Liberi Fatali' from Final Fantasy VIII. I already have it in my CD collection, and I can't upload it for distribution anyway. Plus, it's NOT YOURS.

Much fewer submissions this week. Maybe it was something I said. I dunno. What part of 'Send me stuff or I'll emasculate you!' do you not understand? Obviously, for female contributors, emasculation would be pointless, so a more creative punishment will probably be needed, but that's beside the point.

All seriousness aside, send me lots of music. So much that I'll want to pay for my school's server upgrade personally because it's already running poorly. Make it worse for me. I don't care what it is at this stage of the game, so long as it fulfills the criteria for submission. Once I get a feel for what type of music people are submitting, I'll decide what's needed to either fill the gaps or go against what everyone is writing, just to be more curmudgeonly. Regardless, I'm obligated to re-include a piece from last week because it for some inexplicable reason wouldn't play at all (and for which I'm dreadfully sorry).

I'm still too busy to make a signature for myself. Info on how to make me (and consequently you, the creator of my signature) more important can be found in the last update. Now, I know most of the people who submit files to me aren't that type of artisan, but I'm not looking for Grade-A material here. The most I'm expecting is second-grade Art class stuff. You know, like with watercolors and tiny plastic brushes? Please? I'll sweeten the deal: I'll let designer of whichever signature I choose have a sneak-peek at a very, very, very large video game music transcription I've been working on since March.

Speaking of past updates, I received an email from a former curator of the then-Sound Cave. He offered me a very special link that hosts all the updates to the music section prior to 12 Feb 2002. Thrilling, isn't it? I was excited. Thanks to Nightside, when I start working on reformatting the archives, I have a place to start, and you all can currently find the stuff you sent in ages ago. I found stuff that I submitted a few years ago. See if you can find them.

Patrick 'Trick' Waters
Music Submissions -

This week's audio picks
Super Mario RPG Medley (Super Mario RPG)
Matt Bryant

This is my first attempt at a medley,. It is a combination of Forest Maze, Fight Theme, Let's Play, Geno!, and Battle Victory. The first part (Forest Maze) is quite a different sound than the original piece, with a piano lead and low techno-ish bass. The second part is frantic and has a plethora of instruments. The third part sounds a bit like the beginning, with a piano and strings that kick in. The final part is much like the second, very quick-paced and electric sounding. Not my best work in my opinion, but it's my first attempt at integrating several songs together, and getting them to flow smoothly into each other is harder than I thought it would be. Still, I hope you all enjoy it.

Prisoners of Fate (Chrono Cross)
Matt Bryant

I used almost 100% string instruments on this, with the exception of the lead, which is a steel-stringed guitar. It's fairly short, but the original song is quite sad sounding, and I tried to keep with that somewhat melancholic theme. I've barely played the game before, but when I heard this track it really stood out as one I'd like to arrange.

Matoya (Final Fantasy)
Tom Plets

Final Fantasy Origins inspired me to remix one of my favorite songs. I also tried adding the “Prelude” to the beginning and end. I think it turned out rather well!

Julia (Final Fantasy VIII)
Edwin F.

This Eyes on Me on piano similar to Julia's theme in ff8 played on the piano.

Force of Light (Shining Force III)
SuperGreenX and FFMusicDJ

-Resubmission!- This is a remix of the town theme from Shining Force III. Haroon (aka FFMusicDJ) asked me to do a collab with him, and this is the song we picked. I did most of the drum work and the middle section of the song. It was fun! I think it turned out well. Get ready for some sweet trance with breakbeat percussion. Check us out at and

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