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01 Oct 2003 - Missed Entrance

I offer a sincere apology for not updating promptly. Computer issues, accompanied with a very weird weekend, caused me to delay this update, but now that it's not the weekend, I might be able to recover the sleep I lost, in addition to fulfilling my obligations to RPGamer. Huzzah!

Many things came to my music Inbox this week; ninety-five percent of said things were spam, so in the coming weeks, expect an additional requirement for sending me your contributions. Something along the lines of 'You must have "mentos" somewhere in the subject line of your email to me.' Of the remaining five percent, four-point-five percent of the submissions are usable files. The other half-percent...well, let me make a few comments.

One. Files sent to me should be no more than 5 (five) MB (megabytes) in size. Would you believe that I got an 11MB file emailed to me last week? You should.

Two. Files sent to me should be original arrangements, not music from commercially released recordings nor music that isn't your own, unless you are sending it on behalf of someone else. Would you believe that the same 11MB mp3 I got is from Final Fantasy 2002-0220? You should.

If your submissions happen to be larger than 5MB, email me directly to work something out. I use AIM and (less frequently) mIRC, so there are other options.

By the way, I'm too busy to make a signature for myself. If anyone wanted to make me one, go right ahead, but there are some requirements: the background has to be transparent, it must be no larger than 350x100 pixels but no smaller than 250x75 pixels, it must say 'Trick' somewhere, there has to be a piano involved, and there has to be a stick figure jumping on said piano. The jumping stick figure can either be jumping on the keys or on the lid itself, or if you wanted to go crazy, he could jump on the strings and bounce around and stuff. Whoever does this for me will get some Mentos. Or just a mention in the next update. Or absolutely nothing. Whatever I feel.

Anyway, that's all for me being a craggy old codger, so onward to the music, of which there are almost 50MBs worth.

Patrick 'Trick' Waters
Music Submissions -

This week's audio picks
Another World (Chrono Cross)
Matt Bryant

I really aimed to make this extremely simple. For the first half of the arrangement or so, it's just a single piano lead with an identical piano for the bass. At around 1:30, several more instruments join in, including a guitar in the background, as well as some soft strings and a semi-vocal hum. It's very different from the original piece, but I think (hope) it works. Hope you like it!

My Home Sweet Home (Final Fantasy V)
Matt Bryant

This is another relatively simple-sounding piece. It opens with an almost western-sounding drum solo, and then an electric piano followed by a synth harp, a recorder, and a synth string kick in. Not really much else to add, it wasn't a very big undertaking. :P Hope everyone likes it, though.

Battle 1 (Saga Frontier)
Matt Bryant

This sounds a bit like the original track, but "reworked" into a more hard-rock sound. There's a heavy guitar lead, with a distortion guitar backup, as well as quick-paced, frantic-sounding strings and a solid drum line throughout all of it. Needless to say, it's very fast-paced and I was trying to emphasize the quick pace of a battle scene.

The Comet (Illusion of Gaia)
Matt Bryant

Illusion of Gaia has a lot of brass instruments throughout most of it's tracks, and I tried to stay with that theme. As far as instrumentation goes, it really stays close to the original track, sans the opening which I used a digital effect and a glass breaking as the main chorus kicked in. Other than that, it's a basic orchestration update of the original piece, but it's one that I'm rather proud of and I hope you'll enjoy. :)

Ys 6 Demo (mp3)
Ys 6 Demo (MIDI) (Ys 6: The Ark of Napishtim)
Justus Johnston

I can't wait for this game to come out. Just one more week! In the meantime, I've sealed my Ys-otakudom for good by being the author of the first ever fan-made Ys 6 MIDI! If you haven't yet, be sure to see the video this came from at

Crimson Wings (Ys 4: Mask of the Sun)
Justus Johnston

This is a recording of the MIDI I released a month ago. The guitar solos were lifted straight out of the in-game soundtrack, and re-equalized so that the background instruments didn't poke out.

Winds of Darkness (mp3)
Winds of Darkness (MIDI) (Xanadu)
Justus Johnston

This plays during one of the several melee battles in the game. I'm fairly satisfied with the recording, but I wish I had better saxophone samples.

Legend of the Wind (mp3)
Legend of the Wind (MIDI) (Xanadu)
Justus Johnston

It was really hard to capture the essence of this song. For most people, the MIDI will sound kind of weak, because the original was not very dry at all. I tried to imitate that "wet" sound in the recorded version.

Sailing (Final Fantasy)
Tom Plets

Here is a Final Fantasy song I did using Fruity Loops 3.0. Being a drum student I like to add a wealth of drums to my remixes. Hope you enjoy!

Barole (Tales of Eternia)
Felix Gregory Trapper

Barole is a busy port city known for its trading, and the music certainly reflects this.

Efreet Gorge (Tales of Eternia)
Felix Gregory Trapper

The music in Efreet Gorge is a tense, fast-paced dungeon theme we've come to know from Motoi Sakuraba.

Mintche (Tales of Eternia)
Felix Gregory Trapper

Sakuraba shows his progressive rock and jazz fusion roots in the Mintche town theme, which features a saxophone melody that sounds almost improvised. We had a lot of fun making this one!

Rasheans Forest (Tales of Eternia)
Felix Gregory Trapper

But Sakuraba can also compose medieval fantasy stuff as well, as you can hear in the Rasheans Forest song.

Regulus Dojo (Tales of Eternia)
Felix Gregory Trapper

And to demonstrate Sakuraba's versatility as a composer, here's a little traditional Japanese number: Regulus Dojo.

Ship (Tales of Eternia)
Felix Gregory Trapper

One thing Sakuraba has always done well is transportation music, and the ship theme from "Tales of Eternia" is no exception.

Wedding Waltz (Final Fantasy VI)

This song is the song that plays when you're at the Opera, and the characters are dancing in a waltz (before Ultros shows himself). It is a nice, triple-metered, song that is enjoyable to listen to when you're working on a project or something.

Force of Light (Shining Force III)
SuperGreenX and FFMusicDJ

This is a remix of the town theme from Shining Force III. Haroon (aka FFMusicDJ) asked me to do a collab with him, and this is the song we picked. I did most of the drum work and the middle section of the song. It was fun! I think it turned out well. Get ready for some sweet trance with breakbeat percussion. Check us out at and

Falling Stars (Final Fantasy VII)

It's the cosmo canyon mix and is called ff7 - falling stars (CC mix) because the cosmo canyon song was originally called falling stars. I made a trance version of this song and I hope everyone will enjoy it.

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