Dark Age of Camelot - News
·Mythic Offers Free Ride Back to Camelot 07.14.2005  
·Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable Reveals Expansion Details 03.25.2005  
·Camelot Sees Largest Battle in MMORPG History 02.10.2005  
·Dark Age of Camelot Road Trip Announced 12.18.2004  
·Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable Called for September 08.18.2004  
·Mythic Launches "Come Back to Camelot" Campaign 07.05.2004  
·Dark Age of Camelot: Platinum Edition Ships 06.30.2004  
·New Dark Age of Camelot Expansion In Development 04.17.2004  
·Dark Age of Camelot to Expand 02.29.2004  
·Microsoft Goes To Court 12.25.2003  
·Dark Age of Camelot Produces Gold 06.05.2003  
·Camelot Sees More Expansion 05.06.2003  
·Dark Age of Camelot Lays Foundations 04.17.2003  
·Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles Goes Gold 11.12.2002  
·Official Site For Shrouded Isles Opens 08.26.2002  
· Dark Age of Camelot Expansion Details 08.05.2002  
·Dark Age of Camelot Expansion Pack Announced 05.18.2002  
·Dark Age of Camelot Gets a Visual Upgrade 03.20.2002  
·Mythic Sued by MMORPG Item Supplier 02.10.2002  
·Mythic Launches European Beta Testing for Dark Age of Camelot 11.29.2001  
·Dark Age of Camelot Cracks 100,000 Users 10.30.2001  
·Dark Age of Camelot Release Details 10.04.2001  
·Dark Age of Camelot Goes Gold 09.27.2001  
·Dark Age of Camelot Enters Fourth Beta Test Stage 08.21.2001  
·Vivendi and Mythic Sign for Dark Age of Camelot 07.24.2001  
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