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Mythic Offers Free Ride Back to Camelot



Dark Age of Camelot players are no strangers to comeback campaigns. Pitches of free time for players who've left and returned have been offered before, under the name of "Come Back to Camelot." Today, Mythic has once again made a deal with former players of its flagship MMORPG.

The new deal offers ten days of gameplay with no attached fees or obligations. Even players with accounts long abandoned will find all characters, stats, and items intact upon returning. But perhaps this is not as much incentive to return as the brand new "Classic" servers that opened on July 12. As reported here, the game now has new servers without the Trials of Atlantis content that so many players complained about. Those wanting to take advantage of the free time will probably want to do so as soon as possible, as the offer is only available until July 24. Only accounts cancelled in good standing before July 1 are eligible for the reward.

With Warhammer Online not due to be finished until 2007 and Imperator being put on indefinite delay, pushing Dark Age of Camelot seems to be Mythic's smartest possible marketing move. RPGamer will keep track of further developments and community reactions in its weekly MMORPG column.

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