Dark Age of Camelot Cracks 100,000 Users

Mythic has set a new record, and they probably couldn't be happier. Their recently-released MMORPG, Dark Age of Camelot, has managed to accrue 100,000 registered players, giving it the distinction of being the fastest-selling subscription-based online game ever. To gain this distinction it beat out such stalwarts as EverQuest, Ultima Online, and Asheron's Call, which until now have stood solidly as the three biggest names in the genre. In addition to these figures, the game is also listed by NPD Intellect as the top selling PC game for the week of October 13th, 2001.

With such a strong start, DAoC now has a good foundation upon which to build its online world. Featuring a medieval fantasy world steeped in Arthurian legend, the game offers both combat and quests for players to engage in while building their characters. More information can be found in RPGamer's coverage.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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