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Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable

Reveals Expansion Details



As previously reported, Mythic Entertainment is taking Dark Age of Camelot to different cities across North America for special fan events. This reporter was able to attend one such event, and in doing so, obtain a few expansion details and announcement plans.

When Mythic developer Walt Yarbrough took control of the show, he and Christopher Weakley loaded up a demo of what was in store in the next expansion pack. The feature everyone noticed right away was the updated graphics. It wasn't obvious exactly what about the graphics had been changed, but everyone could see that the game looked better. As Yarbrough spoke, Weakley moved towards the mushroom-type houses of Mag Mel. Mr. Weakley was in a first-person view capable of showing the highest level of detail possible, and as he moved around the town, players could be heard making comments about the visible upgrade. The two Mythic representatives then loaded up the Albion city of Costwold. They used the well-recognized Camelot gates to demonstrate the change. When asked if these graphic upgrades would mean computer system requirements would change, Yarbrough assured players that they would not need to upgrade their machines to play with the next expansion pack.

Another feature that is being worked on by Mythic is an improved help system, highlighted by a new tutorial. The demo played at the Roundtable was completely voice-guided, impressing the crowd. The voice told the player about everything from the history of her realm, the game's controls, how to do a quest, etc. This new tutorial should make the game easier for new players to get into by helping them get the most out of the game. While the screen was not very photogenic, a picture of the tutorial in action can be seen here.

Yet another improvment Mythic plans on making, either in the next expansion or "shortly after," accoring to Yarbrough, is to the epic quests. He said, "We want to make epic quests less painful." This brought on remarks of approval from attending players. Mr. Yarbrough said that he'd like to do this sooner, but it would divert the attention of the quest team for too long, which simply cannot be done right now.

Yarbrough said that the estimated release for Dark Age of Camelot's next expansion was the late fall of this year. He pointed out that more official announcements should be ready in time for this year's E3. A deeper look at the more fun side of this event can be read here.

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