Final Fantasy XIII - News  
·Lightning Strikes Earlier Than Expected: FFXIII to Release in March 11.13.2009  
·Final Fantasy XIII Shown on Xbox 360 at E3 06.01.2009  
·FFXIII Blu-ray Demo Remaining in Japan Only 05.06.2009  
·Final Fantasy XIII Demo Released 04.17.2009  
·Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Hits Today 01.28.2009  
·Final Fantasy XIII Not Coming Overseas Until 2010 01.16.2009  
·Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Website Opens 01.09.2009  
·Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay to be Shown Before 2009 10.30.2008  
·Square Jumps Festively to Close Out 2007 12.03.2007  
·Square Enix Details Tokyo Game Show Offerings 09.05.2007  
·Square Enix Store Opens in America, Gets Busy 08.20.2007  
·Designers Shed Light on Final Fantasy XIII's Battle System 03.02.2007  
·Nomura Talks Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Kingdom Hearts 02.27.2007  
·Final Fantasy XIII Demo Confirmed for 2007 01.18.2007  
·Square Enix Reveals Further Details on Final Fantasy XIII Titles 01.14.2007  
·Square Enix Denies Remake Rumors 05.27.2006  
·Square Enix Pre-E3 Event Features New Games, New Details 05.08.2006  
·Amano Working on Final Fantasy XIII 04.26.2006  
·Square Hints at the Destiny of Final Fantasy 10.30.2002  
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