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Square Enix Denies Remake Rumors


Square Enix

In a move sure to surprise absolutely no one whatsoever, Square Enix had some choice words to share in response to the latest rumors regarding a possible Final Fantasy VII remake. The June 2006 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly stirred up plenty of speculation and "confirmation" talk after the magazine stated that a remake was in the works.

"Last year," the caption stated, "Square Enix teased everyone with what it called the 'FFVII PS3 tech demo.' Well, what do you know: This test case was really a sneak peek at a next-gen revival of the PS1 role-playing hit."

Square Enix denied the rumor as speculation: "Since the Final Fantasy VII tech demo at E3 2005, there have been a lot of rumors about the presentation hinting at an actual remake. While the June 2006 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly confirms the remake for release in 2007, Square Enix has never stated this." The company then followed up by reaffirming the development of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the Playstation 3, as well as Final Fantasy Agito XIII for mobile devices as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Project.

As more developments (or rumors) arise, be sure that RPGamer will be on the case.

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