Final Fantasy VII - News
· Final Fantasy VII Sells Splendidly on PSN 06.24.2009  
· Signs Point to FFVII on PSN 06.01.2009  
· Final Fantasy VII Released on Japanese PSN 04.13.2009  
· Square Enix Denies Remake Rumors 05.27.2006  
· Square Enix Pre-E3 Event Features New Games, New Details 05.08.2006  
· Tetsuya Nomura Talks Big 09.15.2005  
·Kitase Discusses Compilation of Final Fantasy VII 09.01.2005  
·Square Enix Announces E3 Lineup 05.03.2004  
·Square Enix Performs PlayStation Plastic Surgery 10.16.2003  
·Square Ponders Sequels 05.07.2003  
·Square Succumbs to Sequel Siren a Second Time 11.06.2002  
·Final Fantasy, Anyone? 04.17.2001  
·Square Mentions 2002 Plans, Various Final Fantasy News 01.26.2001  
·Final Fantasy VII PC Re-release 01.14.2000  
·Final Fantasy VII Joins Greatest Hits 06.29.1999  
·Final Fantasy VIII Surpasses VII 03.12.1999  
·Final Fantasy VII Models 01.21.1999  
·Final Fantasy VII for PC now shipping 06.25.1998  
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