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Nomura Talks Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts


Final Fantasy Versus XIII

In a recent interview with Japanese gaming magazine Gemaga, Tetsuya Normura gave some new details on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. Nomura began things by talking about a new character named "Mr. 33 cm." This is a reference to his shoe size, and aside from that, little is known about him. The only other things known are that his combat style is humorous and he is a rather wild person.

Nomura also mentioned that the combat in Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be a blend of other Square Enix titles including that found in Kingdom Hearts II and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. The player's point-of-view will also change depending on the weapon equipped. For example, a sword would be third-person, and guns would move the camera to a first-person perspective. Nomura also confirmed air ships would make an appearance, but he didn't say what roles they would play.

At that point, Nomura shifted topics a bit moving on to other projects. He feels it is impossible to concentrate on two projects at the same time, so he wants to finish Final Fantasy Versus XIII first before moving on to the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series. This would also allow him to incorporate elements of Versus into it.

In conclusion, Nomura also announced that Versus would be the last Final Fantasy he would be directing. He wishes to focus exclusively on the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

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