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Final Fantasy XIII Shown on Xbox 360 at E3


Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII made its E3 debut today during Microsoft's press conference. The game was shown running on an Xbox 360 and featured English voice acting for characters Sazh and Lightning as they attempted to escape from an attacking creature.

The two were not able to escape and were forced into battle, of which footage was shown. This footage led to a newly revealed gameplay enhancement. There will now be four active time gauges which will allow for more consecutive spells and skills to be used, widening the tactics possible during combat. The world-first reveal of the Odin summon also occurred during the presentation, showing Odin being summoned and then attacking the creature in tandem with Lightning.

Though Yoichi Wada basically revealed that Final Fantasy XIII would not be coming overseas until after April 2010 back in January, it was finally confirmed that Spring 2010 is the game's target release date for North America. E3 has only just begun, so look for more announcements and reveals as the show continues over the next few days.

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Final Fantasy XIII
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