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RPGamer Best of 2009 Editors' Choice Awards!

Welcome to RPGamer's Best of 2009 Editors' Choice Awards. Was 2009 a year of great RPGs or a year when all the great RPGs were pushed back into 2010? Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, 2009 offered around one hundred diverse RPGs. This year was not inundated with ports, and it was groundbreaking in a new way. More developers than ever decided to aim for a multiplatform approach. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 had great games, but few exclusive titles. The Wii held its own with a few unusual games. The PC offered more than just big name RPGs. The PSP showed that despite Sony's best efforts to kill it, it is still alive and kicking. And the DS continued flooding the market with all manner of RPGs. With as much variety as this year offered, RPGamers were bound to find something to love. Without further ado, take a look at our Best and Worst of 2009.

Editors' Choices

» DS
» PlayStation 3
» Wii
» Xbox 360
» PC
» PlayStation 2
» Best Battle System
» Best Story
» Best Script
» Most Original
» Best Music
» Best Voice Acting
» Best Graphics
» Most Overlooked
» Biggest Letdown
» Worst RPG of the Year
» Publisher of the Year
» Most Played
» Most Completed
» Most Wanted
» RPG of the Year

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