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Editors' Choice

In a year when over 100 RPGs were released, it's easy for some solid games to be overlooked. It's hard to say if it's due to publishers not getting the word out or gamers just ignoring our cries of love, but whatever the reason here are the three games that RPGamers should go check out now before they disappear forever.

Most Overlooked
Little King's Story

With its crayon-drawing esthetic, Pikmin-style gameplay, and wicked sense of humour, Little King's Story is a delightfully quirky game. The developers lavished loving care on every tiny detail of the game's world, and it is packed with exploration and combat against unusual enemies and unique bosses. There has certainly never been another game in which your entire army is tossed about the world by cow cannons, or your chef units dispatch gigantic chicken enemies by tossing them in frying pans. The game is clearly aimed at adults, with loads of clever social satire. Unfortunately, Little King's Story was overlooked by many retailers and gamers. Perhaps it was difficult to see past the game's childish-looking exterior, or maybe the game was lost amongst the loads of shovelware that has landed on the poor Wii. Either way, Little King's Story deserves a great deal more attention than it has received.

Second Place - Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Capybara Games truly has "the touch." Not the Genesis type of touch, but Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is something truly special. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes has such strong features: its gameplay, its characters, and you can see the amount of love and devotion that Capybara put into this DS title, so much so that it's a shame it wasn't getting the love it truly deserved, thanks in part to an ever-shifting release date. Thankfully, after all the ups and downs, Clash of Heroes is out, and it's a crowning achievement in taking a mish-mash of genres to create a fun RPG experience that is like no other.

Third Place - Rune Factory: Frontier

Rune Factory: Frontier certainly does not deserve to be ignored, as it's a good game that could potentially provide well over 100 hours of gameplay. Players plant and harvest their fields, interact with townspeople, journey into perilous dungeons, go fishing, craft an uncountable number of objects, and still have to be home before it gets dark. Rune Factory: Frontier is not a traditional RPG, but for loot hunters, crafters, and farmers that don't mind the sim elements, the game does it all.

by Becky Cunningham, Sam Marchello, Tom Goldman, Michael Cunningham

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