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Editors' Choice

This was a year of multiplatform releases, and finally RPGs are really starting to take hold in this concept. When it came time to judge the best PlayStation 3 RPGs, so few RPGamers chose the system for their multiplatform releases that it was difficult to pick a top 3. We did the tally and while second place and lower are debateable, the pick for first place was crystal clear. Lack of solid competition for our Best PS3 RPG is no slight to the game whatsoever, as love for this title was quite high despite the amount of curses cast its way.

Best PS3
Demon's Souls

Though the PS3 only had a handful of contenders for RPG of the Year, Demon's Souls was easily the best of 2009. After only a brief backstory, Demon's Souls dumped the player in a dark, unforgiving world where fond memories of gentle guidance from other RPGs is a distance, long forgotten thought.

Few games aim to kill the player at every turn, making them start a world from the beginning, the way that Demon's Souls did. Its online mode was also unique in that it was a double edged sword. Online play allowed for players to leave helpful hints for each other or come to a player's aid, while at the same time leaving an open door for invaders attempting to regain their physical form after dying. Few and far between are the RPGs that have you on the edge of your seat with your heart racing. With great visuals, indepth gameplay, replayability, and huge potential for different playstyles, the only thing that Demon's Souls could leave players wanting is more worlds to conquer.

by Ken Staples, Michael Cunningham

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