The Saving Throw
Escape Dec. 20, 2006
Escape into your roleplaying because real life is dull.

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And so it begins. . .

The Saving Throw rolls around this week with Christmas just around the corner. We have a contest entry from Macstorm this week as he returns to the fray. Otherwise, it's a short but sweet column.

Gaming Tip of the Week
"If you roll a 1 on your attack it's never stupid to ask, 'Can I take a mulligan?' You might not always get it."
- wambatboy

Featured Hall of Fame Story

Illusionary Escape by   Macstorm New this week
So, do you fool your teammates into thinking you escaped when you really didn't, or do you fool them into thinking you didn't escape when you really did, or... wait, this is getting confusing.

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Illusionary Escape by   Macstorm
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Green Ronin Publishing
Dec. 16, 2006, $14.95

And so it ends. . .

Well, that's it for us this week. Thanks to wambat for helping out during this week. The Saving Throw will roll around again next week.

Shawn "Having a busy week" Bruckner

David "Grasshopper is learning slowly" Taylor

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