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Guides Submission Guidelines Last Updated: June 14, 2006
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Submitting a Guide

The Guides section is your place to share your wisdom with your fellow players, gamemasters, and tabletop RPG and trading card game designers.

  • Separate submissions, please

    Due to the way I organize incoming submissions, please keep individual submissions separate. If you are placing your submissions in the email itself, then please send only one submission in each message. If you are sending submissions in attachments (text format is preferred), then please place each submission in individual attachments. Separate emails are still preferred when using attachments.

  • Include a title, please

    All guides need a title. Submissions won't be rejected for a lack of title, though. I'll try to come with a suitable title if you don't provide one, but giving me a title makes things a little easier for me.

    If a guide is for a specific game, please include the name of the game as the first part of the title.

  • Let me know how you wish to be credited.

    Give me the name, nickname, or alias you want me to use to credit you for your submission, and if you want me to link to one of your e-mail addresses. I hope it is obvious that I will not use any profane or obscene nickname or alias, and thus, this will also delay the publishing of your submission. Generally, if you do not specify how you want to be credit, I'll typically use whatever you sign off with or your email username. I only link to an email when requested to.

  • Specify which category you're submitting the guide for.

    Guides have only three simple categories, which are listed below:

    • Guides for Players: This is the place for guides about good role-playing, how to play particular types of characters, how to create good characters, or anything that is primarily of interest to players.
    • Guides for Gamemasters: This is the place for guides about creating interesting adventures and campaigns, dealing with troublesome players, how to deal with problems that crop up during play, or anything that is primarily of interest to gamemasters.
    • Guides for Designers: This is the place for guides about creating one's own realms, gaming rules, or entire games.
  • Break long guides into pages.

    If your guide is going to be particularly long, then please send it as separate pages or mark where I should start a new page.

  • Please proof all submissions first.

    I will almost certainly look over your submissions myself, and I have no problem with correcting minor issues. If you have errors which require significant rewording to correct, or if I am not certain what you are getting at, I will generally ask you to correct said errors and resubmit. I'd rather do that than take the chance of misinterpreting something or otherwise improperly editing your submissions.

    Submissions generally will not be rejected due to minor grammar or spelling errors, but extremely bad spelling or grammar may result in a request for a rewrite. If the errors can be fixed without resorting to a rewrite, I will usually do so myself, but it is always best to proof yourself, as I do miss errors sometimes.

  • Guide templates are now available.

    If you're comfortable working with HTML files, you can download the proper template for the category of your submission. The templates contain HTML code, but are in .txt format. When using the templates, please submit as plain text attachments. This is due to server-side includes used by RPGamer; providing the templates as .html files would create certain problems.

    Template Links

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