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Submissions? I like submissions!

Type of Submission

The Saving Throw accepts several types of submissions in four general areas:

  • Hall of Fame: Submit your entertaining stories from your gaming sessions in tabletop RPGs or trading card games.
  • Guides: Share your expertise and advice with fellow players of tabletop RPGs and trading card games.
  • Fan Material: If you've created or written up something to use in tabletop RPGs, whether it be character classes, magical items, vehicles, weapons, character sheets, or anything else, odds are it'll be accepted here.
  • Fan Reviews: Share your opinion of tabletop RPGs, trading card games, or different supplements and sets here.

When your submission reaches me. . .

In general, no news is good news at The Saving Throw. If you don't hear back from me, it usually means your submission was accepted and will likely appear in the next column. The exception may be submissions which arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday; such submissions may not appear in the column until the following week. With that exception, I will try to notify you if your submission's appearance will be delayed. I do keep a backlog if I get a lot of submissions in a single week and try to spread them out.

If there is a problem with your submission, I will send a reply and likely ask for the item to be fixed and submitted again. Virtually any problem of this sort can be avoided by following the guidelines for the specific type of submission; this also reduces the chance that your submission will be delayed in being posted.

If you're curious about the status of your submission, feel free to email me, and I'll try to get back to you quickly.

Submitter Badge System

Columns before Oct. 4, 2006 will not contain the badges, and submissions prior to that date have not been counted yet. They will be, though, and badges will be properly awarded in time.

Colored "badges" next to one's nick or alias can be earned by contributing enough submissions of any type. These badges appear in the columns where your submissions are posted and in the archives. The badges you can earn are shown below:

  •   Copper: 5 to 14 submissions

  •   Mythril: 15 to 29 submissions

  •   Gold: 30 to 49 submissions

  •   Platinum: 50 or more submissions

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