The Saving Throw
Blue Lightning Oct. 18, 2006
Hey, if you can't think of something else to do, you might as well try a prayer...

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And so it begins. . .

Nostrum earns his copper badge this week, having not just one, but two submissions in today's column. He gives us another prestige class with his Knight of the Blue Lightning and an interesting story of divine intervention entitled... Divine Intervention. The contest continues on with two new participants joining in and the casting of the first combat spell. I kicked in another entry to help keep things moving, which means that what I feared last week might actually come to pass this week--namely, that I'd be the target of a flurry of combat spells.

I'll be taking next week off from doing a regular column, as I have some things to do next Tuesday. I'll be doing a contest update, though, so please go ahead and submit contest entries in particular, and of course, you can submit any other type of submission as well. It just won't go up until the next regular update.

And so onto the column...

Gaming Tip of the Week
"Always be careful of the deals you make."
- Nwash

Featured Hall of Fame Story

Divine Intervention by   Nostrum New this week
This story proves that sometimes you just have someone upstairs on your side, even at the strangest of times.

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Divine Intervention by   Nostrum
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no entries this week. . .
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Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5 Edition
Knight of the Blue Lightning (Prestige Class) by   Nostrum
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Product Releases

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d20 System
Neo Productions Unlimited
Oct. 11, 2006, $1.45
d20 Modern
Louis Porter Jr. Design
Oct. 11, 2006, $1.99
d20 System
Ronin Arts
Oct. 12, 2006, $1.00
Revolver (PDF)
Ronin Arts
Oct. 12, 2006, $5.00
d20 System
Lion Den's Press
Oct. 16, 2006, $3.95
World of Darkness
White Wolf Publishing
Oct. 18, 2006, $29.99
 Expected This Week
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game
Upper Deck Entertainment
Oct. 25, 2006, $14.99

And so it ends. . .

I'll be back next week for the contest, and then in two weeks for the next regular column. Until then, I'm outta here!

Shawn "o_O" Bruckner

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