The Saving Throw
Geomancy Sept. 13, 2006
Casting spells based on the terrain you're standing on... Handy.

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And so it begins. . .

Nostrum earns a golden caret for submitting a detailed prestige class to the neglected fan materials section this week:


This is the only submission for this week, but the next hall of fame contest is now open for submissions. There have been some minor changes in how this one will proceed, but not many. You can read more about these changes either by reviewing the rules or simply read the shorter version at the end of this column. Either way, a contest entry for next week would be greatly appreciated.

Now, onto the column...

Gaming Tip of the Week
"Submit to the contest for next week! Yeah, I got nothing..."
- Nwash

Featured Hall of Fame Story

Defeated by a Door by Macstorm July 19, 2006
Today, I feature a contest entry from the winner of the last contest. Since he's staff, he couldn't win a prize, but he can get a little glory this week as there are no new hall of fame submissions to feature this week.

This Week's New Entries

 Hall of Fame
no entries this week. . .
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no entries this week. . .
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 Fan Materials
Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5 Edition
Master of the Lands (Prestige Class) by Nostrum
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 Fan Reviews
no entries this week. . .
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Product Releases

 Released This Week
d20 System
Bards and Sages
Sept. 6, 2006, $3.90
d20 System
0one Games
Sept. 7, 2006, $4.00
d20 System
Sept. 7, 2006, $3.50
Mutants and Masterminds
Arbor Productions
Sept. 7, 2006, $24.95 (print), $17.95 (PDF)
Maelstrom Storytelling
Politically Incorrect Games
Sept. 9, 2006, $9.95
d20 System
Goodman Games
Sept. 10, 2006, $15.99
d20 System
Goodman Games
Sept. 10, 2006, $24.99
Mutants and Masterminds Superlink
Ronin Arts
Sept. 10, 2006, $8.95
Battleaxe RPG
Sixteen Coal Black Horses
Sept. 11, 2006, $24.99
Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
Fantasy Productions
Sept. 11, 2006, $19.99
StarCluster 2
Far Shore (PDF)
Better Mousetrap Games
Sept. 11, 2006, $8.00
Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5 Edition
Wizards of the Coast
Sept. 12, 2006, $29.95
Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5 Edition: Eberron
Wizards of the Coast
Sept. 12, 2006, $29.95
Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5 Edition: Forgotten Realms
Wizards of the Coast
Sept. 12, 2006, $9.95
 Expected This Week
d20 System: Ptolus
Malhavoc Press
Sept. 20, 2006, $19.99
Werewolf: The Forsaken
White Wolf Publishing
Sept. 20, 2006, $26.99

Tabletop Gaming News

 Arthaus Games Has Big Eyes, Small Mouth
Source: Arthaus Games

Arthaus Games has acquired the rights to the third edition of the popular Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG from the Guardians of Order, which ceased operations early in August. The third edition was ready for press at the time that Guardians closed down, and Arthaus Games has announced that the title is going to press next week. The expected release date is January 2007. The agreement between Arthaus Games and Guardians of Order was that fans who had preordered and prepaid for the game "would be in good hands." Arthaus states that these fans will be emailed details by the end of September.

See all articles for Big Eyes, Small Mouth | News Archive

And so it ends. . .

Now it's time to talk a little about the contest next week. It will work much the same way the previous one did: hall of fame stories will be submitted with multiple guesses, and participants will try to guess which one is the ending that really happened. Points earned are based on how many people guess wrong, so authors and those who make correct guesses earn more points when many people guess incorrectly. There will be a few differences, though:

  • In the last contest, each entry had three endings: the real ending and two false ones. In this contest, there will only be two endings for each entry: the real one and one false one.

  • In the last one, up to three contest entries could be published each week. In this one, only two contest entries will be published per week.

  • The last contest proceeded for eight weeks. This one will proceed until a reader earns more than 200 points and there is no tie between the highest-scoring readers.

This contest may likely last longer than the previous one with the high score determining when it ends, but if readers submit their own entries, that should help drive scores up more quickly. Also, with there being only two endings per story, there should be fewer incorrect guesses, so readers should avoid getting mere consolation points each week. We'll see how it goes; if it's dragging on too long, I'll reduce the score necessary to win.

The Saving Throw will return next week!

Shawn "Mind-blanked" Bruckner

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