The Saving Throw
Winner Aug. 30, 2006
And so the first contest comes to an end...

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And so it begins. . .

Macstorm gets the high score by far, but Bainick is the one to receive the prize. Staff held the top three positions, and Bainick, in fourth place, has the high score among readers in a narrow victory. Complete results are available on the contest page.

Today is a bit of a short column, as I didn't find a lot of news or recent releases. We have a hall of fame submission from Xanalith, who tells us how they found a difficult opponent's weakness, and that's pretty much it for this week. The column awaits!

Gaming Tip of the Week
"Most opponents have a weak point, and sometimes it's the obvious one."
- Nwash

Featured Hall of Fame Story

The Archduke's Critical Weakness by Xanalith New this week
Apparently, some tricks will work on just about anybody, from the common soldier to powerful evil priests.

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Product Releases

 Released This Week
Mutants and Masterminds
Green Ronin Publishing
Aug. 23, 2006, $26.95
d20 System
Green Ronin Publishing
Aug. 24, 2006, $6.50
Iron Gauntlets
Politically Incorrect Games
Aug. 27, 2006, $9.95
Powers Unlimited
Palladium Books
Aug. 28, 2006, $14.95
Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
Fantasy Productions
Aug. 28, 2006, $34.99
 Expected This Week
Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
White Wolf Publishing
Sept. 4, 2006, $2.99 (booster pack), $9.99 (starter deck), $24.99 (player's kit)

Tabletop Gaming News

 White Wolf Gives Writers Chance to Create Bloodlines in Chosen Contest
Source: White Wolf Publishing

White Wolf Publishing is giving fans a chance to create full official versions of bloodlines hinted at in the core rulebook of Vampire: The Requiem. Writing submissions from The Chosen Contest will be included in the upcoming supplement Bloodlines: The Chosen, due out in 2007. Those interested in participating can find details here. The deadline for the first phase of the contest will be no earlier than September 25; White Wolf may extend the deadline if it chooses. Winning entries will be illustrated and given symbols; winning authors will receive author's credit and contributor's copies of the book. They may also be offered work as a contracted freelance writer.

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 Morrigan Press Announces New Edition of Talislanta
Source: Morrigan Press

Morrigan Press has announced this week that it is beginning design work for the fifth edition of Talislanta Fantasy Roleplaying Game. It has an expected release date of 2007, allowing it to launch before the RPG's twentieth anniversary. The company is assuring fans that all fourth edition products will be compatible with the fifth edition; the biggest change will be a new character creation system. The game's website will receive a major overhaul as the release of the fifth edition approaches, offering sneak peeks and sampler documents for the new product.

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And so it ends. . .

I'll return next week with another exciting edition of the Saving Throw, so send me something!

Shawn "Almost thought we had a tie" Bruckner

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