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New Beginnings June 11, 2007
Complete with new ingredients

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Hello and greetings from the great and almighty longtime missing but finally back prodigal son. Wow, that was a mouthful. Rob and Nwash have both been sucked into a black hole or perhaps they just fell victim to the Tarrasque. I am really, truly not sure. Anyhow, onto matters at hand. My name is Martin, I worked at RPGamer a long, long time ago, in a place far, far away. I left for a while, but now I am back.

This week, I don't have too much to share, I am still trying to decide exactly what changes I want to make to the column and what things I want to keep. Plus, I am hoping to put a little more umph into the column, to make it a more interesting read. I was hoping to have a review ready for this column edition, but Ptolus is a mammoth book, and I have not read enough to write a true review yet. I will be following that up with a review of Dragon: Monster Ecologies.

So, for this week, we have an interview with James Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief of Dungeon and Paizo's upcoming Pathfinder.

So, with no further delay, let us get started.

Gaming Tip of the Week
"Don't fight a will'o'wisp without rubber boots."
- Martin

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Interview with James Jacobs June 11th, 2007
Find out what's on the mind of Dungeon's Editor-in-Chief

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And thus ends my first Saving Throw column. Next week I will return with News and Release update, and hopefully a review of Ptolus.

I would like to thank James Jacobs for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do the interview, and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or other things you think might improve the column, feel free to click on me... better yet, just click on the email link below and send me an email.

Martin "Suckered in Again" Drury

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