The Saving Throw
Arctic Run Jan. 17, 2007
Dragons and dwarves and frost giants, oh my.

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And so it begins. . .

As another Saving Throw rolls around, Bainick gets a chance to cast Victory in the Hall of Fame Contest. Yes, he finally managed to get a couple points ahead of me; I anticipate a spellcasting frenzy this week for obvious reasons.

Other than that, it's a pretty normal January week for Saving Throw, with a few releases and a news item. So, it's time to let the column speak for itself.

Gaming Tip of the Week
"It's not over until it's over. Who cares if the fat lady sings?"
- Nwash

Featured Hall of Fame Story

Racing the Anvil by   Nwash New this week
Just as you shouldn't run with scissors, you really shouldn't run with an anvil either, unless the anvil is an artifact and the bad guys really want it so badly...

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Product Releases

 Released This Week
Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
Fantasy Productions
Jan. 10, 2007, Free Download
d20 Fantasy
Green Ronin Publishing
Jan. 10, 2007, $6.50
d20 Modern
Louis Porter Jr. Design
Jan. 14, 2007, $4.50
Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5 Edition
Wizards of the Coast
Jan. 16, 2007, $29.95
 Expected This Week
Big Eyes, Small Mouth Third Edition
Arthaus Games
Jan. 24, 2007, $39.99
no image available
Vampire: The Requiem
White Wolf Publishing
Jan. 24, 2007, $26.99

Tabletop Gaming News

 Regional Qualifiers Started for World of Warcraft TCG
Source: Upper Deck Entertainment

On January 13th, Upper Deck Entertainment started hosting Regional Qualifier Tournaments for World of Warcraft TCG. The top players in each region have an opportunity to win a seat in the National Championship Tournaments to be held in August 2007, and naturally the winners at these tournaments will be able to compete in the World Championship Event in late 2007. Winners at the regional events will receive exclusive prizes, including never-before-seen World of Warcraft TCG Extended Art cards, playmats and TCG accessories.

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And so it ends. . .

Another Saving Throw has been rolled up, and I'll be back next week to roll up another. Until then...

Shawn "Doesn't run with scissors" Bruckner

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