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To the Past 11.05.2010
Past Updates: 10.23.2010 | 10.08.2010 | 09.24.2010
"The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes—ah, that is where the art resides!"
- Artur Schnabel
01 - Link to the Past
Daryl Banner The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past | Title, Opening Demo and Time of the Falling Rain
Author's Comments
With this whole album, I wanted to keep that sort of outdoorsy feel of Zelda, so I didn't go too crazy with instrument choices. The biggest stretch might be substituting the harp (in all the songs) for acoustic guitar, which I did very deliberately to give the score a more bare-bones fairylore/folklore sort of feel, as if the story is being told to you, as opposed to the magical otherworldly feel of a harp, like you're inside the story itself. I wanted the whole album to feel like this grand legend all of us knew once, something far behind us in the past, and we're re-experiencing it like adults going back into our childhoods, seeing it all with older eyes.

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02 - It Is a Stormy Night in Hyrule
Daryl Banner The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past | Hyrule Castle
Author's Comments
If the first song is the introduction into the story of Link to the Past, then this song is like the time machine that takes you there. I remember the first time playing this game as a kid and spending more time than necessary in Hyrule castle at the start of the game, the rain pounding outside, confused slightly about how the lamp works, and getting used to the controls. I wanted to capture the darkness and the mystery of the story right away, the feeling of being a little lost and a little excited, because those feelings are what hooked me to this game from the start.

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So begins another series of weekly updates for Sound Test. Daryl Banner's Link to the Past consists of 14 tracks from the most praised titles on the SNES.

The eponymous first track opens with Title, though the theme is played by a completely different set of instruments and in a much faster tempo. The polyphony is quite marvelous and invokes in the listener a sense of awakening. One could almost feel the sun's rays peeking through the curtains with birds chirping in the background as evoked by the high-pitched woodwinds. The track, then, switches to Opening Demo. Most of the segment is waltz-like, unlike the original which had a longer segment in 4/4. The part is significantly smoother and more subdued without the marimba playing insistent semiquavers. Oboes, then, herald the entrance of Time of the Falling Rain. The subtle percussions and the ascending acoustic guitar layer are simply breathtaking.

It Is a Stormy Night in Hyrule opens with a long distorted segment before the theme appears. The drums are much more subdued than the original's powerful timpani segment. The instrumentation and arrangement almost give the piece a Middle Eastern feel, particularly the earlier parts. The descending continuous glissandos also add to that feel.

That's it for this update. Check back next week for another track from Link to the Past. Have a great weekend!

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

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