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More "VII?" 10.08.2010
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"Men profess to be lovers of music, but for the most part they give no evidence in their opinions and lives that they have heard it."
- Henry David Thoreau
Sephiroth's Deliverance
Thomas "Skummel Maske" Bullock Final Fantasy VII | Those Chosen by the Planet, Birth of a God,
J-E-N-O-V-A, Let the Battles Begin!, One-Winged Angel and Reunion
Author's Comments
This is a metal remix, inspired sound-wise by Opeth and Gojira. It's based on Sephiroth's Theme (Those Chosen By The Planet), with themes such as Birth of a God, JENOVA, Reunion and the battle theme in between.

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Indeed, it is another Final Fantasy VII remix. This one arrived in my inbox some time ago, but I was right in the middle of Daryl Banner's VII, so I wasn't able to feature it right away. Since 20 mixes from Final Fantasy VII just got featured, I decided to squeeze in Lux Lunae, just to break off the chain. It was also to avoid any undue comparisons and to encourage readers to appreciate the track based on its own merits.

Sephiroth's Deliverance is a hardcore metal mix—a very powerful one at that. Mr. Bullock utilizes a multitude of motifs from several tracks linked to Sephiroth. The first distinguishable theme used is a motif that appears most prominently in Those Chosen by the Planet, but can also be found in Birth of a God and One-Winged Angel. This fragment appears many times throughout the mix since, as the composer himself noted in his Author Comments, this is the primary theme of the remix. The descending broken chord from J-E-N-O-V-A and the ascending passage from Let the Battles Begin! make brief appearances, followed sequences by from One-Winged Angel which were sped-up to match the tempo of the mix. I do wish that the fragments from J-E-N-O-V-A and Let the Battles Begin! were linked more intimately, though, perhaps by a mutated fragment from either piece instead of just drums and bass guitar? Also, the part from 2:10-2:21 feels a bit repetitive. The original piece breaks this by shifting certain notes of the repeated fragment back and forth between B-flat and B. That tiny half-step is simply magical. Keeping that note at B-flat was Mr. Bullock's creative choice, but it did more harm than good, in my opinion. Nevertheless, the piece is quite well-made and its energy is without equal. Download it now, folks!

That's it for this update, guys! Have a great weekend!

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

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