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Long Time No Me 09.24.2010
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"Music is one of the best ways to enjoy the present. It's not much fun to look forward to hearing music or to remember what a song sounded like last week, but music right now absorbs you and places you in the moment."
- Terri Guillemets
Lux Lunae
Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon, M.D. DuckTales | The Moon
Author's Comments
Several months back, I was able to watch a video from another gaming site that featured their picks for the top video game themes of all time. When The Moon from DuckTales came on, I was spellbound. It was simple, 8-bit music—no grand orchestra or live pianist—yet it moved me in ways very few pieces have. At that moment, I just knew I had to mix it, and this is the result. I didn't do anything too fancy—just a couple of variations, albeit in a very different tempo, but I hope I did well enough.

Composed using Sibelius 5 and rendered by Kouen using SONAR 8 Producer Edition.

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Yup, it's my first submission in a long time. This was actually completed a while back, but I wasn't able to post it since I had a flood of submissions. Hey, I sure as hell ain't complaining! Again, this is a remix of a non-RPG track and some of you may be screaming bloody murder for the blasphemy I have committed by posting it on RPGamer, but hey, I really like it, and I just wanted you guys to have a listen. If enough objections arise in the forums, I'll remove it. I promise.

Lux Lunae, as I mentioned in the Author's Comments, is a straightforward mix in terms of the melodic line, but drastically different in terms of tempo and mood. One peculiar thing about me is that when I really like a particular piece of music, I try keep it as close to the original as possible when I use it as remix material. An exception is if the piece is notably simple structurally. I had miscalculated so left hand is a bit too powerful from 0:39-1:20, and I think the piece could use a much more rubato execution, but I'm pretty happy with how the mp3 file turned out. Do give it a try!

Well, that's about it for this update. Again, I have resumed the bimonthly schedule, i.e. updates every other week. I use weekly updates when successive pieces are part of a larger collection, say movements of a concerto or tracks of an album. Don't worry, because very soon, I will be featuring another full-length album and you'll have your weekly dose of Sound Test then. Until next update! Have a good one!

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

Sound Test Curator

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