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Deicide 09.03.2010
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"The joy of music should never be interrupted by a commercial."
- Leonard Bernstein
19 - Birth of a God
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | Birth of a God
Author's Comments
If anyone knows me from that weird name I used to go by back when I was in high school (Amstrocity) then you might recognize this one. It's actually technically a revamped version / rendition of a very old remix I did of this same song. I actually owned the soundtrack to FF7 before I ever played it, and somehow, I vowed to myself to NOT hear One-Winged Angel until I actually got to the final boss in the game itself (that vow was broken pretty soon after I'd made it) ... but when I listened to Birth of a God on the soundtrack, I was convinced that it could've been the final battle. I was sure that the actual last boss couldn't get any better than this.

And yeah, then One-Winged Angel came on, and I was pretty much totally wrong.

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I'll finally be getting my license on Sunday after an oath-taking ceremony. Goodness! The past few weeks have been really painful for my wallet. Aside from the fee for the Professional Regulations Commission and the ticket for the abovementioned ceremony, there's the task of picking up a nice suit and a tastefully matched shirt and tie...

Anyway, on to our submission for today. Birth of a God is played during the battle with Bizarro Sephiroth and his multi-colored balls. I've always wondered if the programmers actually meant Bizarre Sephiroth and it was just another instance when one's meaning is lost in translation. Either way, I really didn't have time to ponder about it because a casting or two of Knights of the Round was all it took before I had to bid the infant god farewell. Personally, I didn't care too much about the theme, just as I didn't care too much about the boss itself. It was unfortunately sandwiched between two boss battle themes that I adore—Jenova Absolute and One-Winged Angel. It's the "left-out middle child," so to speak. Thankfully, Daryl's vivacious rhythms and clever instrumentation changes gave it a new air that made it an enjoyable listen. The opening sequence almost reminded me of several tracks from the Bayonetta OST, which contains a lot of brisk tracks fit for an action-type game.

One last track to go, folks! I bet you guys all know what it'll be. Indeed, it is the Latin anthem that set the bar for all final boss themes to come. Hear Daryl's take on the illustrious One-Winged Angel in next week's update. Until then!

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

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