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Judgment 08.20.2010
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"Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel."
- Buffy Sainte-Marie
17 - Judgment Day
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | Judgment Day
Author's Comments
This is the first piece from FF7 that I picked up by ear, playing it on the piano way back when Final Fantasy VII first came out on the playstation. I almost made it into a piano and string piece, going totally left-field from the original, because I love the melody and wanted something cold and vile. The compromise is, I decided to end the song in piano, leaving you with the feeling like something is on the way ... as Cloud and the gang descend further into the Northern Crater in search of Sephiroth, I wanted the end of the song to leave you feeling as though the battle is far from over.

In fact, it's just begun.

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The judgment has been passed... I can now officially add M.D. to my name. According to the law, I could've added the title after I finished my internship, but somehow, I felt it more appropriate to wait for this moment. Now comes the difficult choice—which specialty to go into. Then again, I decided I'd take a year or two off to save up for residency, but the question will definitely pop in my mind time and again.

Our piece for today features the theme used for the final dungeon—that huge hole at the top of the world where the final battle with Sephiroth takes place. I'm sure many RPGamers are familiar with Judgment Day, having spent hours upon hours going back and forth while hunting for Magic Pots and giving them elixirs using the W Item bug. Daryl's mix replaces the brasswinds of the original with an oscillating synth that gives the piece such mystique. The utilization of drums was exquisite. The piano ending is quite unexpected but not entirely unwelcome. All in all, excellent work from Daryl. Grab a copy right now!

We're down to the last three pieces of VII. Check back next week for our last encounter with Mother. Until then!

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

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