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Impending Doom 08.06.2010
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"Music, when soft voices die
Vibrates in the memory—"

- Percy Bysshe Shelley
15 - Meteor Approaches
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | The North Cave and Who... Am I?
Author's Comments
Coming off the tragedy and the heartache of the last track, I intentionally wanted the doom and the dread of losing Aerith to echo in this track, which portrays Sephiroth's supposed victory over us, his summoning of the ultimate black magic: Meteor. We think all's lost. We think evil's pretty much won, by now. We think without Aerith, there's no point in going on.

And then, well, Cloud sorta loses his mind.

The end of the song whirlpools into Cloud's psycho-theme of "Who Am I?" and starts to lose control. This loss of sanity takes us into that whole segment (during Disc 2) when he falls into the mako pit with Tifa, and we learn all about the truth of his past, who he really is, who he thought he was ... and in the next track, he will learn every answer that's tortured him for all these years.

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Okay, so today's update will be really, really short. I reckon next week's column will be too. Why? I'm cramming for my licensure examinations. Twelve topics, a hundred questions each, to be covered over four days... I'm so stressed right now, I think I'd start pooping blood from stress gastritis like Mitsuda did when he composed for Chrono Trigger. Wish me luck, guys!

I wish to apologize to both the readers and Daryl because I'm too distraught to properly comment on today's piece. I will say this—if there is one feeling Meteor Approaches captures perfectly, it is dread. A bit apt, I suppose, considering my circumstances.

Anyway, have a great weekend, guys!

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