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Hello, World 07.09.2010
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"Life can't be all bad when for ten dollars you can buy all the Beethoven sonatas and listen to them for ten years."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
11 - Leaving on the Midgar Train
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | On That Day, Five Years Ago
Author's Comments
Just when you thought the entire game would take place in Midgar. Just when you were pretty convinced that the final battle was going to happen somewhere in the Shin-Ra headquarters. Just when you were so-sure-you'd-put-money-down-that-the-final-fight-with-Sephiroth-was-right-around-the-corner ... You leave Midgar, and you come to discover that after hours of gameplay, you hadn't even made it to the world map yet.

Now you're there, you've left Midgar, and the whole world's at your feet. Now what? :)

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Let's just go straight to our featured track for this update. Nothing overly major happened to me this week, anyway, at least nothing I'm willing to share. Leaving on the Midgar Train is a very brief track. Actually, Daryl suggested that I pair it up with either Calamity from the Skies or the next track. However, I found both tracks to be such striking pieces that I could not place them in the same update without this short track becoming a bit out-of-place. On That Day, Five Years Ago is played during Sephiroth flashbacks, if I remember correctly. The contrast between Leaving on the Midgar Train's arrangement and that of Calamity from the Skies is very striking. Listen to these tracks one after the other.

The next offering from VII is a remix of one of my favorite themes from the entire soundtrack. Apparently, it's one of Daryl's favorites too. Stay tuned! Have a great weekened!

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