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ATP vs Masamune 06.25.2010
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"Play the music, not the instrument."
- Anonymous
09 - Those Chosen by the Planet
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | Those Chosen by the Planet
Author's Comments
The group follow a trail of blood that circles up half the building, finding most of the personnel of the Headquarters murdered and mutilated, and then atop the tower of Shin-Ra, they find the president of Shin-Ra himself, murdered, a sword still staked through his body.

It seems this 'someone else' has a plan of his own with regard to the so-called Promised Land, and his intentions may be far more insidious than Shin-Ra's ever was.

And so the man with long silver-white hair, caped in black, becomes the new focus of Cloud and the gang, the man who just took off with the creature called Jenova, the man who just murdered the president of Shin-Ra, the man who is in pursuit of the Promised Land himself, the man called Sephiroth.

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Studying and being sick definitely don't mix... Around three days ago, I started having pain upon swallowing. The pain increased, and by night time that same day, I had difficulty eating dinner. I looked at my throat and mumbled three letters: ATP. Acute tonsillopharyngitis. I'm on my third day of antibiotics and the pain has lessed, but it's still a little hard to concentrate when you wince a little everytime you swallow.

As for the piece for today, Daryl Banner's Those Chosen by the Planet contains every ounce of eerieness the original had, only with better sound samples. The cello, choral samples, and bells produce an O Fortuna-like effect that just takes your breath away. Download it now!

We reach the halfway mark with the next update of Sound Test as I feature the tenth track from VII. It seems that Mother is about to make an entrance... Until then! have a wonderful weekend!

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