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Say Grease! 06.18.2010
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"Bach opens a vista to the universe. After experiencing him, people feel there is meaning to life after all."
- Helmut Walcha
08 - The Shin-Ra Corporation
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | Shinra Company and Infiltrating Shinra
Author's Comments
Cloud and the gang infiltrate "The Shin-Ra Corporation" at its Headquarters, sneaking into the building and scaling its heights to confront those responsible for the destruction of their home, those responsible for kidnapping Aerith in hopes that she will lead them to a so-called Promised Land where the earth is ripe with Mako aplenty, those responsible for the draining of the Planet's life energy, for the Mako Reactors.

Somewhere in the Headquarters, however, someone else is completing his own mission, completely independent from Cloud and the others, unknown to them. Someone else has stolen the headless body of Jenova, a creature that was, until now, kept safe in the heart of the Headquarters.

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I just claimed my photos taken at the graduation ceremonies not too long ago and they were truly astonishing... in a bad way. Not only did my face shine like the sun, but in four out of the five photos, I had apparently looked at the incorrect photographer. Also, my tie wasn't midline, a fact that none of my colleagues bothered to point out. How utterly embarrassing...

Now let's move on to our piece for today. Shinra Company and the very similar Infiltrating Shinra are both very simple, consisting of repeating seven-note scalar passages. As such, the task of keeping a remix interesting all throughout is quite daunting, something that Daryl Banner manages to pull off in The Shin-Ra Corporation. Download a copy now!

Tune in next week for another awesome track from VII. Until then! Have a great weekend!

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