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Out on Pass 05.28.2010
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"If the King loves music, it is well with the land."
- Mencius
04 - The Bomb Is Set
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | Hurry!
Author's Comments

... "The Bomb is Set". Quickly now, they race out of the reactor, time ticking away, a stressful countdown to the detonation of this first Mako reactor, and very soon, they are amazed to find they've made it out alive.

Then, boom.

Of course, with Avalanche's grand vision, they know that this was only the first detonation of many more to come, in their plan to overturn and put an end to Midgar's Mako-hungry planet-consuming ways.

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I have to admit, my college graduation last May 23 was a rather emotional moment. The number of people who cried during the performance of our class song, entitled Paglalakbay, which roughly translates to Journey, was proof of this. The event was cleverly entitled Out on Pass, a term used in our institution for patients who are still technically admitted but are allowed to roam free outside the hospital for a period of time. Similarly, me and my classmates are bound to return to the hospital in the future. For the moment, though, I am unemployed.

Now, about our piece for today, we have the fourth track from Daryl Banner's VII. Bask in the tension his music evokes as AVALANCHE attempts to flee the mako reactor with the bomb in place. Those who have played the game should be all too familiar as to the obstacles that arise as you flee.

Now, I should go and study now, but the Prince of Persia movie has driven me to replay the games on my PC. Darn you, Hollywood! Anyway, until next week! Expect something more lyric in the next installment of Sound Test.

Fermat's Last Theorem

Sound Test Curator

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