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A Delightful Miscalculation 04.19.2010
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"The city is built
To music, therefore never built at all,
And therefore built forever."

- Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Big Whale
Kain Vinosec Final Fantasy IV | Ring of Bomb
Author's Comments

This is the fourth and final part of The Final Fantasy IV Tribute EP that I made last year. By far the most grand and epic track choice I could've made. The first thing noticeable is the snare. Resembling a machine gun more than an instrument - it very, very prominently leads this piece. The lead guitar and organ are almost overshadowed by the smooth harmonies of the rhythm guitars in the second half of the track, but every aspect of this song comes together to make it shine in the same way the original did. I dare you to listen only once.

That brings the FFIV Tribute EP to a close. Stay tuned for the FFV Tribute EP coming sometime in the very distant future. I hope.

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I apologize to the RPGamers and to Kain for being rather erratic in posting these past few days. Internal Medicine is proving to be quite a doozy. I'm having trouble finding time for anything else other than duties, sleep, and the occasional studying. It's like a girlfriend from hell turned into a medical rotation. Being the rant machine that I am, I most probably should've launched into a lengthy dissertation right about now. Fortunately, I'm in an exceptionally good mood. You see, during one particularly dreary post-duty day, while I was grumbling over my cold and late brunch (It was nearly four in the afternoon at the time.), a close friend informed me that I had managed to attain a general weighted average (GWA) that would allow me to graduate with honors.

"Preposterous," I immediately thought. I had previously calculated my GWA and had come up with the conclusion that I had missed the cum laude standing by two-thousandths of a point. Being a former mathematics contestant whose name incited fear in the hearts of opponents during interscholastic competitions, I had accepted the result without question. The possibility that my close friend was just playing a prank on me haunted me for days until the class president herself confirmed it as she congratulated me a few days later. That was perhaps the most delightful miscalculation I have ever committed.

Moving on to the music, we have here the fourth and final track of Kain Vinosec's Final Fantasy IV Tribute EP. The Big Whale is perhaps one of the most majestic of Uematsu's "airship themes" with its brasswind-driven melody and rapid string sections that seem to invoke in the listener a sense of flight. Kain shows us just how good it could sound given a few touches of metal here and there. The rapid strings in the first part of the original have vanished and are replaced by an insistent drumbeat that is occasionally pierced by snares. The rhythm guitars take the role of the relatively slower, contrapuntal string section in the latter half the piece, forming a quasi-neo-Baroque fusion that is simply mesmerizing. As Kain said so himself, I dare you to listen just once...

Now that the entire album is complete, Sound Test shall resume with its regular update schedule. Stay tuned, everybody, and have a great week ahead!

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