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Starstruck 04.11.2010
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"What we provide is an atmosphere... of orchestrated pulse which works on people in a subliminal way. Under its influence I've seen shy debs and severe dowagers kick off their shoes and raise some wholesome hell."
- Meyer Davis, about his orchestra
Ring of Bomb
Kain Vinosec Final Fantasy IV | Ring of Bomb
Author's Comments

This is the third part of The Final Fantasy IV Tribute EP that I made last year. Kind of an odd song to choose but I love the bass in the original version and I really wanted to make it stand out here. The chords that are normally played over this are split in half in the beginning with each rhythm guitar playing half of the chord. The same happens when the lead guitar and organ start playing. The rhythm guitars then switch to backup the bass and make it sound a bit more powerful, but clearly the bass guitar shines through and can be felt as well as heard. Not really a lot to say about the drums here. They're pretty standard. The latter half of this song is a bit different from the OSV. There is a bit more going on, but not enough to detract from the original distress and emotion behind this piece. In fact it might even amp it up a bit. Definitely my favorite track on the EP. Should've made it longer though...

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Okay, regarding the title... I was assigned to be junior physician-in-charge of a former actor—one of the most peculiar characters in all of Philippine cinema at that. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, he expired just a few hours ago. His condition was rather advanced, and his poor nutrition (to which one could attribute his rise to stardom) didn't exactly help. I hope I don't find myself mentioned in some tabloid as the "reaper who snuffed out the matchstick."

So now, we have part three of Kain Vinosec's Final Fantasy IV Tribute EP. Personally, I find this track to be perfect in almost every way, except perhaps for its length. Fifty one seconds is too short, especially when all 51 seconds sound exceptionally good. I would've wanted more of the hard-hitting measures. The style of arrangement is spot on and this track would fit nicely in that important scene in Final Fantasy IV. Given all the praise I've been giving the track, I suppose it goes without saying that is my favorite among the four pieces that Kain submitted. A close second is the upcoming fourth track. Keep yourselves on the lookout for that one. It'll be a... huge one.

Well, I'll be going now. I'm actually on duty right now and just squeezed this update in. have a great week, guys!

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