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Terminal Speed 06.11.2010
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"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life."
- Ludwig van Beethoven
06 - Anxious Hearts
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | Heart of Anxiety
Author's Comments
"Anxious Hearts" is a diving into the first of Cloud's memories about Nibelheim, about Sephiroth and the reactor there, about all of the horrors that are buried just beneath the surface in Cloud's fragile mind. He's carrying these nightmares unknowingly, and even with the burden of them, he carries on with Avalanche in their mission to right the wrongs of the Shin-Ra Corporation.

After the mission at Reactor 5 goes horribly wrong, Cloud lands in the slums of Sector 5 and meets the flower girl called Aerith. Of course, he didn't realize at the time that he'd just met one of the key players in the saving of the Planet.

Of course, she isn't quite aware of that, either.

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07 - Under the Rotting Pizza
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | Under the Rotting Pizza
Author's Comments
"Under the Rotting Pizza" is the mood of slum life, the civilians of Midgar, the dwellers of the great city who sleep in the shadow of Shin-Ra's oppressive rule.

When the group reunites, the forces behind Midgar make their own response to Avalanche's so-called terrorist efforts, and down comes the pillar that holds up their pizza-slice of ceiling above their sector, crushing their home down below, Sector 7, everything.

Devastated, destroyed, lives lost, Sector 7 gone, their home crushed beneath Midgar's roof, there remains only one thing to do: Avalanche must get their revenge by infiltrating Shin-Ra at their headquarters.

Little did they know that something was already amiss in the Shin-Ra building, and that 'something' may involve a trail of blood ... a missing specimen called Jenova ... ... a silent man with silver-white hair, caped in black.

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Discuss the column in the RPGamer Forums.

I know, the blurb was a tad misleading. This update's tracks aren't about Cloud meeting Aerith at the church. The said event just happens to fall within the section of the story bound by the two submissions. I just wanted to laugh at the bad physics. I mean, I know a mako-enhanced individual is supposed to be tough, but c'mon...

As for the title, it's a state in which the acceleration of a body falling within a fluid is increasingly reduced by drag until it reaches a point when the acceleration becomes zero and the speed remains constant. It was meant as a playful jab at the well-known blond hero's fall. Unless he fell through a pillar of gelatin, he should've met Aerith as a puddle of mush. Then again, if we had always followed the laws of physics, we would've missed out on a lot of otherwise fantastic plotlines.

Now, onto the pieces. Anxious Hearts is a particularly well-produced track. The sound samples are really quite nice. It retains much of the original's mood and the lyric segments are even more dramatic given the exquisite piano sample. I particularly liked the prominence of the bassline, especially in the final piano segment. The techno sound effects and echoing beats are laudable additions, highlighting Daryl's attention to detail. Under the Rotting Pizza is very nice as well. It's a track that stands out because of its bassline and rhythm, points Daryl expertly stressed. Download both tracks now!

Well, that's about it. Stay tuned for the rest of VII. Have a great weekend!

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