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Premium Heart 06.04.2010
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"Without music life would be a mistake."
- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
05 - 7th Heaven
Daryl Banner Final Fantasy VII | Tifa's Theme
Author's Comments
The group find refuge in sector 7, at a little bar called "7th Heaven". The gang reunite, and we are introduced to Tifa, childhood friend of Cloud. The Avalanche team discuss the mission they just completed, and plans for their next operation: the bombing of reactor 5.

This track is the calm before a set of many unavoidable storms, the little moment of peace before everything starts to happen in rapid succession.

The next several tracks will race through the final efforts of Avalanche, the awakening of a certain memory or two in Cloud about his hometown Nibelheim, and an unfortunate notice that something may be amiss in the Shin-Ra Headquarters ...

And all of it may or may not have to do with a certain person called Sephiroth.

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Things have been quite slow as of late. It's been raining rather frequently for the past few days, which is both a good thing and a bad thing for me—good because I don't wake up in the morning covered with a film of sweat and sebum, and bad because I tend to doze off while reviewing because of the cool ambience. My newfound "freedom" has rendered me capable of playing all those DS games I've missed out for the past, I don't know, two to three years, and I've been playing like crazy despite my conscience nagging me to go pick up a book to see what Sézary syndrome looks like. As for Prince of Persia, I'm just a few hours into Warrior Within, but I keep getting distracted by my DS.

Anyway, we go back to VII, Daryl Banner's remix album based on the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VII. Our piece for today features the personal theme of perhaps my favorite RPG chick. I guess my vote in the RPGamer poll is rather obvious. It's a beautiful and tender theme for a beautiful and tough lady. I've always found the three-note quaver upbeat leading to a quaver and minim pattern to be quite interesting. Daryl adds his own spin to the piece. I have to admit, I kind of wish there was more thematic development. The main melodic line enters a minute into the piece, and the whole thing is only two-and-a-half minutes long. I also found the ending rather abrupt. Nonetheless, it's a sweet piece that's very easy on the ears. Download now and hear for yourself.

Now, I should go and study for real. Expect another double whammy in next week's update! Until next time!

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