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Interlude's End 10.23.2010
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"There is no truer truth obtainable
By Man than comes of music."

- Robert Browning
Terra's Theme
Josh "Callisto" Czoski Final Fantasy VI | Terra
Author's Comments
As I experimented with a recording program called "Audacity" (mostly because I needed to make an audition recording), when I realized I could record over myself with it, I decided to see how something familiar would turn out. "Terra's Theme" is simply one of my favorite melodies. I kept it simple this time with mostly only two lines of myself playing at once, with an extra part in the bridge. Usually the theme contains a percussive line (for march-like sound) and I'm thinking about ways that might fill out the arrangement. However, with the difficulty of making this many parts line up as well as they do, I decided to settle with this for now.

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My apologies for the late update. I had to relieve a friend who had to attend a friend's wedding. I had to travel a couple of hours by bus to sleep over at the hospital in which he worked just to make sure I wouldn't be late for the job. After around 14 hours of doing physical examinations, I had to go back home, sleep for around five hours, then go to a different city to do physical examinations of another set of patients. So yeah, I'm a bit tired and my back hurts a little.

Anyway, moving on to business, our piece today is a submission from Josh Czoski, who you may remember as a former staff member of the site. He is also a very talented musician and decided to share this piece. Terra's Theme is a very straightforward piece that features, well, Terra's theme. It doesn't try to be overly convoluted or dramatic and revels in its simplistic beauty. Josh's technique is quite commendable, and his rubato execution is just lovely. There are technical issues, though, particularly with the beat synchronicity, but such nits can be easily overlooked. Grab a copy now!

Before I end, I would like to welcome a new staff member, Garrett "GDawgTUK" Lindquist. He will be involved primarily with soundtrack reviews, but I've heard that he will also be featuring his own remixes on the site, so keep posted for those!

As the title suggests, I plan to begin with Daryl Banner's Legend of Zelda remix album next update next update. Until then, have a great weekend, folks!

Fermat's Last Theorem, M.D.

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