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Of ECGs and Mazes 11.21.2008
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"Are we not formed, as notes of music are,
For one another, though dissimilar?"

- Percy Bysshe Shelley
Christian "LemonLime" Floisand The Legend of Zelda | Labyrinth
Author's Comments

Here is an arrangement of the labyrinth theme from the original Legend of Zelda, with some appropriate "eerie-fication."

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Yup, posting a bit earlier than usual again... I may be post-duty, but I certainly have the passion to rant about the department me and my groupmates have been rotating in since my last update: Rehabilitation Medicine. Having rotated in Orthopedics immediately before only seemed to highlight the disparity in the attitudes of the residents. Our liaison resident was very nice indeed and so were maybe a couple more residents, but the same could not be said about the rest. There was this one particular resident who really pissed off the group. He was so demanding and acted so high and mighty. While my co-student-in-charge was saying that our patient had an essentially normal ECG, he blurted out that the patient had atrial hypertrophy (He didn't state which one.) and left axis deviation, essentially making us look like idiots in front of everyone! Since we didn't have the ECG at hand, we were unable to contest him. Immediately afterwards, I marched back to the station, grabbed the chart, and looked at the tracing. I may be just a student, but one split-second look at the aVF was enough to know that the heart's axis was 0, meaning it's normal (Normal is from -30 to 110.)! Also, there was no "humping" or widening of the p-wave, meaning both atria were also most likely normal! That only fueled my hatred for him! I know I'm supposed to be respectful of colleagues, but I simply cannot respect a man who prescribes metformin to an insulin-requiring diabetic with end-stage nephropathy and can't even read an ECG correctly while acting as if he's the best resident in the entire hospital. Goodness, I hope the consultants realize his mediocrity and kick him out!

Whew, sorry... I know that was really long but I just really needed to get that out of my chest.

Now, allow me to move away from all the negativity and focus on this week's offering. Yup, this one's a classic piece from a classic game. Mr. Floisand keeps his piece close to the original (even keeping the loop) with his instrument samples indeed giving the piece a lusher, more mysterious feel. Go ahead, RPGamers, and give it a listen! I hope this is not the last that we hear from you, Mr. Floisand.

Well, I suppose I'm off, folks! The next update shall be the pre-holiday offering, so it'll be a good one (or at least I hope it'll be). Have a great weekend, everybody!

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