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Gloomy Intermezzo 10.24.2008
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"He who hears music, feels his solitude peopled at once."
- Robert Browning
From VIII for VII
Francis "Fermat's Last Theorem" Gayon Final Fantasy VIII | Ami
Author's Comments

This piece is dedicated to Shawn "Lusipurr" Cooper, long-time Head of Interaction and my former direct superior. I was truly surprised when he announced that he was leaving the site; and though his reason for leaving is a very valid and important one, I could not help but feel sad. I had been a migraine-inducer for him while I was absent for the longest time attempting to learn the conundrum that was HTML. I felt the need to offer him something as we part ways; thus, this piece came into being.

This piece is an arrangement of Ami from Final Fantasy VIII. I bet that even the non-French know what the word means and would be able to deduce why I chose this for Sir Lusipurr, as I refer to him.

Composed for a string quartet and rendered by my dear friend, Kouen, using SONAR 5 Producer Edition using GPO samples.

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We will be taking a break from the Krebs Concerto for this update of Sound Test. Okay, so the piece isn't exactly "gloomy," but the reason why we have this interlude is. As many of you most probably know already, Shawn "Lusipurr" Cooper, Head of Interaction, has left RPGamer to pursue his studies. When I learnt of his decision, I created this piece as a "farewell gift" of sorts.

Ah yes, a Final Fantasy VIII tune for a guy who uses a Final Fantasy VII character for his avatar—hence, the title of the piece. It's a bit rushed since I composed it while cramming for several requirements in Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out. As mentioned above, I used a string quartet. Somehow, I just thought that Lusipurr would like this instrumentation. I hope he likes the piece, despite the fact that he hates the game from which I lifted the original piece. To you, Sir Lusipurr, I wish the best of luck!

I apologize that the update is a bit late. I just got back from another 24-hour duty and I'm positively wasted. But no, I still have to cram for my other requirements. Ah, just lovely...

Next update, I shall feature the last of the Krebs Concerto's three movements. Until then! Take care and have a nice weekend, everyone!

Fermat's Last Theorem

Sound Test Curator

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