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Duties 05.30.2008
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"My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require."
- Edward Elgar
The Journey Begins
Ezekiel Morgano Final Fantasy IV | The Red Wings, Into the Darkness, and Rydia
Author's Comments

I've been trying to get this in since sometime in the middle of the last competition, but somehow it keeps falling through the cracks...

This piece portrays the journey of Cecil and Kain as they set out on a mission to deliver a package for the King. They travel into a dark a mysterious - not to mention misty - cave where they meet a young girl. After much travail they finally reach their destination only to find that the package was not what they believed it to be. The themes used were The Redwings, Into the Darkness and Rydia's Theme. I added a few elements from other themes. See if you can pick them out. Enjoy.

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It's official: Sound Test shall have updates every two weeks. I originally intended to do them on specific dates, i.e. every 14th and 28th, but I was informed that it would be better to update on a specific day. I have chosen... good ol' Friday! This way, every other weekend shall be accompanied by humble offering from Sound Test. All updates shall be on Fridays unless I am deathly ill, if someone else shall be making the update and decides to post it some other time, if I'm out doing 24-hour duties, or if I am extremely busy with school matters. My classes will begin on June 9th and the first rotation's in OB-GYN; surgery after that. I'm actually getting quite worried because I haven't read anything over the entire break.

Right, let's go to our material for this update. This time, we are graced by a submission from Ezekiel Morgano. With the North American release of the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV just a couple of months away, my classes just about to start, and me just being newly-hired as curator, The Journey Begins is amazingly apt. Mr. Morgano uses the orchestra masterfully, exploring the variety that it can offer as he moves beautifully from part to part. He ends The Red Wings with a flowy decrescendo string segment, after which an eerie-sounding, almost hypnotic lone woodwind announces the entrance of Into the Darkness. As the segment closes, the brasswinds, accompanied by the timpani, erupt in a quasi-fanfare. The relatively brusque quality of the passage contrasts wonderfully with the infinitely graceful Rydia that follows. All in all, very well-done. Go ahead and grab a copy for your listening pleasure.

Before I bid a temporary farewell, I would like to remind you, dearest RPGamers, that Sound Test also features soundtrack reviews. Why not submit one of your own? It need not have a second-by-second analysis or be overly specific. Of course, a certain degree of formality is required, i.e. no "Track 5 $#%@$@'n rokz dood!!11!" please.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I shall bury my nose in my copy of Williams Obstetrics so that I don't shame myself in front of the residents and attendings. Have a great weekend, folks!

Fermat's Last Theorem

Sound Test Curator

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