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La Mer 05.14.2008
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"By means of music the very passions enjoy themselves."
- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Jenseits von Gut und Bose
Steel Blitzballs
Wen-Bin "Virtuoso" Tan Final Fantasy X | To Zanarkand
Author's Comments
One important skill to know when it comes to remixology is to remix tunes in styles which are as far from the original as possible. This includes remixing fast tunes in slow styles and slow tunes in fast styles. I am thus proud to present to you the eternally popular To Zanarkand, in a power metal remix.

As usual, being dissatisfied with my lousy distortion guitar synth, I have opted for an additional voice synth, as well as vibraphone and drop-D acoustic guitar synths, which are only sparingly used.

It should be a more or less interesting listen. Comments are greatly appreciated.

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Sweltering heat surrounds me as I create this update for Sound Test. Summer in a tropical country with such high humidity can certainly be taxing. A trip to one of the beaches around is truly a fetching idea, but alas, I have far too many things at hand at the moment. I can't afford to go "on vacation" anytime soon. Besides, I'm not a very good swimmer, so I suppose there's no real loss aside from the potential comfort the water can bring. Frequent showers and the AC on full blast will have to suffice, I guess.

Anyway, enough of my rambling and let us proceed to the excellent submission that is the focus of this update. Our piece comes from none other than the superbly talented Wen-Bin "Virtuoso" Tan. In this piece, we see him in his element. I, myself, cannot hope to match him in this genre. The man's creativity is truly amazing, is it not? I never imagined that the very solemn To Zanarkand could possess such energy and vibrance. The relatively placid voice synth passages provide good contrast and remind the listener of the lyric quality of the original piece, or at least I believe that they do. All in all, an awesome piece. I expected no less from RPGamer's esteemed Composer in Residence. Grab the file now, listen to it, and prepare to be blown away.

I've decided that updates every two weeks or so would be best for the time being. Of course, this is not fixed and will vary depending on the availability of material. I implore thee, great remixers and arrangers of the RPGamer community, to continue sharing your talents, or begin to do so if you haven't yet, so that we may continue to have regular doses of musical magnificence.

Well, I suppose that's it for this particular dose of magnificence. Take care, everybody. Ta-ta!

Fermat's Last Theorem

Sound Test Curator

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