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Le Retour 04.28.2008
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"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
- Aldous Huxley, Music at Night and Other Essays
Dispatch - Soul of the Warrior
Matthew "barieuph" Russo Final Fantasy VI | Cyan's Theme
Author's Comments

This is my favorite mix I've ever made. There I said it. I dabble in the theme never exposing too much of it until the second section. Cyan is a great character and his theme is one of my favorites from the game (which houses the best soundtrack out of any Final Fantasy, least in my opinion). It's a painting of Cyan's last experience at Doma Castle with the poisoning of his kingdom. It starts with a morning dawn, and fades away as Cyan walks into the sunset. Enjoy.

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My, my, it has been quite some time now, has it not? It's been almost a year since I submitted Procella to the Grand Audition. I humbly apologize to all those who have awaited the return of Sound Test. The delay has been due to my incompetence in HTML, my inability to set aside time to learn it until recently, as well as other difficulties I would rather not mention. Again, I apologize for the mammoth delay.

Anyway, let me proceed by commending Matthew "barieuph" Russo for his breathtakingly beautiful contribution to the Sound Test archive. We cannot deny the man's mastery of his art when confronted with such majesty, can we? Truly, the return of Sound Test could not have been accompanied by a better fanfare than this piece. I am quite certain it shall be a mainstay in many a playlist.

Rest assured that my comrade, Virtuoso, and I shall try our best to update as frequently as we can with quality remixes worthy of your tympanic membranes. Be safe, everyone!

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