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Dies Irae 02.20.2008
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"With joy I hasten towards death - if it comes before I shall have had an opportunity to show all my artistic capacities it will still come too early for me"
The Dark
Patrick Waters Final Fantasy IV | Into the Darkness
Author's Comments

The Dark gestated in 2005 as one of several now lost and indefinitely abandoned projects following a massive data loss; the rebooted project began in late 2007 to be finished February 2008. The short tone poem draws on the music of Mahler, particularly his first and seventh symphonies, and of Debussy.

A bassoon begins the piece, intoning the opening motive of the melody; it is joined by the other bass instruments of the orchestra as the line unfolds. In the second section, a solo violoncello carries the primary melodic material, colorfully accompanied by pizzicato and staccato strings and woodwinds. The final section explores the canonic possibilities of the source tune as various parts of the orchestra laminate the texture leading to the climax with chromatically altered harmonies, resolving to the sudden and subdued coda-like conclusion; the final, hushed utteration of the motive comes from the lowest register of the solo cello.

Scored for two flutes, alto flute, three oboes, two clarinets, bass clarinet, two bassoons, contrabassoon, three horns, three trombones, tuba, timpani, bass drum, tam-tam, celesta, two harps, organ, and strings with solo violoncello.

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This week, we have a new submission from former RPGamer curator Patrick 'trickwaters' Waters. This is some increadible music folks, make sure this is on your iPod, in your cd player, or on your PS3, because this one is a keeper. Bravo!

And now, the day of wrath, the moment of truth is upon us. I am leaving Sound Test. I will be around for a few more weeks training my replacement, but then I will be leaving. I've had a great time working with Sound Test, and I hope that readers continue to contribute to the site. Please send in your submissions so that we can have the latest and greatest RPG fan remixes. Thank you for the wonderful eight months as your curator, and my time before that as your Composer in Residence. Thank you!

Matthew F. Russo

Sound Test Curator

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