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Kickoff January 3, 2007

Chrono Trigger - Shadow of the Mystic
Artist's Notes: This wasn't the piano installment I wanted to release for this week, yet the exclusive that I planned to use was something that I left behind at my student home over Christmas. :( Still I think it seems appropriate, given the Dwelling of Duels has started releasing the songs for the Chrono series theme at Magfest recently. We have a piano interpretation of Magus's theme from Chrono Trigger, developed for the competition's free month before it, which resulted in a rather tasty 7th place tie in the end. It was also one of the hardest things to follow up on, given that after analyzing the competition in full detail, the game and source in question are among the most popular choices (which now sounds odd considering I did the only CT mix there!), so I did as much close-tempo work on the arrangement to give it that more dynamic feel that the audience was looking for. I hope you like it, and I promise by the end of the month I'll have that exclusive in my hands once more.
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> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

The year has changed, but Sound Test just marches right on down the line. I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend. To kick off the year we have just one remix, but it's a fantastic submission from Sound Test's most frequent submitter, Rexy. A great piano remix of Magus's theme, I highly recommend checking it out.

A short update to start the year off. However, this was to be expected with how busy this time of year is. Hopefully we can start to see some more steady submissions coming in over the next few weeks.

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