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07.02.03 - La vida es una carnaval

Smaller update this time. I tried to wait for more submissions, but they didn't seem to come in. I hope that this means you all are hard at work on the Vocal Polyphony Remake Challenge that I set forth last week. We have a range of styles this week, however, including one new one, in the "chipper" style.

To help out those of you who are unsure about exactly what I'm looking for I quickly made a sample file (requires Quicktime 6) from the first two phrases of Introduction from Seiken Densetsu 3. This song is sung with two parts (hence making it polyphony), with the lyrics being the introduction text sung en español. And yes, I'm out of tune, the recording isn't that great, but I threw it together in about 5 minutes, now imagine what you can do in the next three months before we close the contest for voting. If you have any questions on the style, feel free to drop me a line.

As for normal business, two people guessed the source of our dear title from last week, albeit about a week apart. Congratulations to Catsy (first) and Drew Robarge for correctly identifying the group as the Changelings. This week's title should be easier for fans of salsa. (*hint hint*)

Also, I've had a few non-RPG music submissions. This is RPGamer, please remember that when submitting songs to us. Also, I think I still need to make this point clear, for legal reasons, if you did not create the file you are sending us, we can not post your file.

Matthew "guifa" Stuckwisch

Music Submissions -

This week's audio picks
Closed Minded (Xenosaga)
Séan Peters

From the Xenosaga soundtrack. [Ed. note: Séan is a RPGamer staff alumni]

Kuja's Theme; Guitar 'n' Strings (Final Fantasy IX)

Not much to say really: its Kuja's Theme but with a guitar and some strings.

Main Theme (Final Fantasy II)
Elcalen (Ben B. Bainton)

Another simple remake of a FF piece. This one is the main theme of FF2, also known as Promised Land on the album "Pray". My homepage is now here.

Lufia & The Fortress of Doom (Chips and a Parrot)

So, a new version of Lufia 1 boss battle. This is a quite true chipper. Compared to my original mix of this very same tune, well... "Stick and a Carrot" had quite much variation in drumming, and it's impossible to do that with limited channels. SO I changed the drumming quite a lot. And I took that Carrot thingy out, just cuz the idea was dead to begin with :D Othervise, there is not much changed, but of course I had to get rid of loads of channels, and therefore the sound is of course not as rich as it was before. But then again, it's a chipper.

So, 4 channels, so as NES song this would apply. The sound is not like usual NES, but you can get these kinda crap out of NES if you want to.

And don't mind the name, it means nothing, just a weird variation of the earlier mix name.

Time Management (ChronoTrigger)

ChronoTrigger theme Deep Trance:  I know you're thinking... Oh god.. Not another ChronoTrigger Trance mix!  But I assure you, if you like ChronoTrigger, you should like this one. Filled with Big Analog Synths, Phat Bass, and fun SFX from the game.

Suiko-Step (Suikoden III)

The funny thing about this track is, I put it together WAY before the game came out. I sampled some sounds from the trailer I downloaded off RPGamer, dug the vocal part and decided to use them to put a track together. For the Suikoden freak with good ears, there are four thematic quotes from the 1st and 2nd games in the series. Neclord, Suikoden I intro ect.  I hope this qualifies as a Game music remix, it's kinda far removed from the actual track...[Ed. note: submissions don't have to be based off, they can be themes of a game as well, we've posted these before and will continue posting them]

Not quite as large as my The World is Beyond Square MegaMix, But it was still fun to throw together.

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