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25.12.02 - Flowers Cover Your Eyes

Happy Holidays to everyone. We've got a big update here, but first, let me go over some news and other miscellaneous information.

Congratulations to Matt Bryant in correctly guessing last update's title. {ʻintɘlu:d} is the name of a short little piece on Ian van Dahl's album Ace. Mentioning "Castles in the Sky" was apparently a dead give away. This week, the advantage goes to those of you who hail from Atlanta, GA. It's highly obscure, so good luck.

You may no longer enter the bluegrass remake challenge, as voting for winners has ended. That doesn't mean to stop sending in bluegrass remakes, of course. I think we shall move right on ahead with announcing the next challenege, which should be pretty tough, but I think ultimately rewarding. The new challenge is called the vocal polyphony remake challenge. Because of the complexity of most polyphonic vocal pieces, I'm going to set a time period of four months to get entries in. For the most part, the requirements will be that the piece is written for voice, and contains strong elements of harmony between voices (hence "polyphonic"). While a live recording of the performance would be preferred, sheet music, or even sampled (MIDI or IT, etc) performances will be allowed. That said, good luck, and happy arranging!

Again, a nice update here, still a tad focused on Final Fantasy, but we'll that slide. Two pieces of sheet music available from Bean, and fourbluegrass remixes, arriving just in time for the contest. The majority of the pieces this week are again classical, but considering that most RPG songs are in a classical style, that should be assumed.

We have changed the format that we have planned on doing archives, so, unfortunatly, work will need to begin again, but once this is done, it should be easier to convert the archive formats and to easily update them. Sorry for the inconvience this is causing those of you who want to listen to the older songs.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for. It's time to announce the winners of the bluegrass remake challenge. For the record, I was not involved in voting myself; all votes were done by members of the RPGamer staff. Voting was done by having members of RPGamer's staff select their favorite four songs in order, with top points going to the number one choice. The songs with the highest number of points won. Many thanks to all who participated, as I know the RPGamer music community has enjoyed your hard work. And thus, here are the results:

Bean- Aeris' Theme [Country Mix] (Final Fantasy VII)
Steve Elsom- The Battle For Smithy [Smithy Likes Grass mix] (Super Mario RPG)
Mark Röthke- Bluegrassabo (Final Fantasy)

Matthew "guifa" Stuckwisch
Music Submissions -

This week's audio picks
Boss Theme (Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest)
Justin Patrick Butler

The theme that plays when you fight a boss in FFMQ.

To Zanarkland (Final Fantasy X)
Martin Leung

None given.

Ending Song (Final Fantasy IX)
Martin Leung

None given.

Church (SaGa Frontier)

SaGa Frontier is a guilty pleasure of mine, and this song has always stuck with me. It is the song played in Emelia's scenario, as she enters the haunting church where the final battle in the game takes place. The remix itself retains the organ-y vibe of the original song, but takes a slightly more rock route, with distortion guitars and string instruments abound, preceded by a short piano solo.

Suteki da Ne (Isn't it Wonderful?) (Final Fantasy X)
Bryan Bilocura

I've just completed a MIDI of "Suteki da Ne (Isn't It Wonderful?) - Orchestrated" from Final Fantasy X.

Sub Excerion (Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals)
Kid Tracker

About two months ago, I was browsing rpgamer and came across the Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals MIDI page. And noticed only SinclairC had made MIDI for it. So I decided that I should make one that sounded good, so I listened to all of them (I haven't played Lufia 2). I finally picked Sub Excerion. And the results were more than impressive for me. Maybe I should make some more MIDI from Lufia games. Well here's my final version of the song, finally ready for release to the public with remixed bits, looping and more. I've also got a favor to ask. Could someone e-mail me a song that they want done, i'm finding out all these good songs that aren't from Final Fantasy. Sweet!

The Battle For Smithy (Smithy Likes Grass mix) (Super Mario RPG)
Malok the Mule (a.k.a. Steve Elsom)

I saw the competition, and figrued Id try my hand at remixing Smithy's theme into bluegrass. It has a lot more classical elements than bluegrass, but it's only my second real remix as of yet. Enjoy.

Yuffie's Theme (Final Fantasy VII)
Ben B. Bainton

This is another simple remake of Yuffie's theme. I first heard it before I even played FF7, and have been whistling the tune ever since. It's just so damn cheery and catchy... My homepage is at

Electricgrass de Chocobo (Final Fantasy VII)
Kid Tracker

This is my fourth and final bluegrass remix for rpgamer, and is probably the best out of them. I have been working on this ever since I heard there was a bluegrass remix competition. I am happy with the final result, as I am not very experienced in MIDI composing.

From Olympos (Collosia First Chamber) (Secret of Evermore)

Remake of Secret of Evermores Colloasian Chamber 1, originally by Jeremy Soule. No special arrangement, just a sort of sample update. But don't get me wrong, it's good anyhow.

Bluegrassabo (Final Fantasy)
Mark Röthke

"...never play leap frog with a unicorn"

Aeris' Theme (Country Mix) (Final Fantasy VII)

Aeris' Theme in a country style is too weird to think about it, which is why I did it. There you go ladies and gentlemen, enjoy.

Stick and a Carrot (Boss Battle) (Lufia and the Fortress of Doom)
Justin Patrick Butler

This is the music that plays when you fight a boss in Lufia I.

Passage to Zeal (ChronoTrigger)
Captain Literal

Thought I'd submit this little ditty I pooped out about a month ago. It's the Zeal town theme from chrono trigger! Come on now, everyone knows it! SING ALONG!!!

Schala (ChronoTrigger)

This is my first submission to RPGamer and actually my first non-original music arrangement too. It's from Mitsuda's "Schala's Theme." It's pretty short, so enjoy.

This week's manuscript picks
Beach of Dreams (ChronoTrigger)

None given.

You Are Not Alone (Final Fantasy IX)

None given.

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